IIE Nobel Laureates

Nobel Laureates


Name Relationship to Fulbright and IIE Year
Ei-ichi Negishi Fulbright-Smith-Mundt Scholar, Japan to US, 1960-63 2010
Osamu Shimomura Fulbright Scholar, Japan to US, 1960 2008
Aaron Ciechanover Fulbright Scholar, Israel to US, 1981-84 2004
Alan G. MacDiarmid Fulbright Fellow, New Zealand to US, 1950 2000
Lars Onsager Fulbright Scholar, to England, 1951-52 1968
Robert S. Mulliken Fulbright Scholar, to England, 1952-54 1966
Linus Pauling* Fulbright Scholar, to Yugoslavia, 1988 1954
Sir William Ramsay IIE Visiting Lecturer, UK to US, 1920s 1904

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