IIE Nobel Laureates

Nobel Laureates


Name Relationship to Fulbright and IIE Year
Peter A. Diamond Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1999-00 2010
Oliver Williamson Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1999 2009
Leonid Hurwicz Fulbright Scholar, US to India, 1965-66 2007
Joseph Stiglitz Fulbright Fellow, to UK, 1969-70 2001
George A. Akerlof Fulbright Scholar, to India, 1967-68 2001
Amartya Sen IIE Visiting Professor, Bangladesh, 1974-75 1998
James A. Mirrlees IIE Consultant, UK to Pakistan, 1966-68 1996
Douglass C. North Fulbright Scholar, to Uruguay 1993
Simon Kuznets IIE Advisor, US to Ethiopia and Korea, 1971-72 1991
Trygve Haavelmo Fulbright Scholar, Norway to US, 1957-58 1989
James M. Buchanan Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1955; to UK, 1961 1986
Franco Modigliani Fulbright Scholar, to Italy, 1961-62 1985
Milton Friedman Fulbright Scholar, to UK, 1953-54 1976
Wassily Leontief Fulbright Scholar, to France, 1961-62 1973
Kenneth Arrow Fulbright Scholar, US to Italy, 1995 1972
Paul Samuelson Fulbright Scholar, to Asia, 1972 1970
Jan Tinbergen IIE Advisor, Norway to Pakistan, 1965 1969

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