IIE Nobel Laureates

Nobel Laureates

Medicine or Physiology

Name Relationship to Fulbright and IIE Year
Erwin Neher Fulbright Fellow, Germany to US, 1966 1991
Susumu Tonegawa Fulbright Fellow, Japan to US, 1963 1987
Bengt Samuelsson Fulbright Scholar, 1961, Sweden to US, 1961 1982
Rosalyn S. Yalow Fulbright Scholar, to Portugal 1977
Max Delbruck Emergency Committee Scholar, Germany to US, 1930s 1969
James D. Watson Fulbright Scholar, to Argentina, 1986 1962
Joshua Lederberg Fulbright Scholar, to Australia, 1957 1958
Bernardo A. Houssay IIE Fellow, Argentina to US, 1947-48 1947
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