IIE Pulitzer Prize Winners

Pulitzer Prize Winners

IIE is proud to count these Pulitzer Prize winning writers, poets, journalists, and musicians among our distinguished alumni.

Year Pulitzer Prize WinnerCategory IIE Experience
2001 Paul Salopek International Reporting Mexico-U.S. Journalists Exchange, 1990
2000 Bruce Bissell Finley Breaking News
Fulbright Scholar,
University of Lancaster, 1984-85
1999 Mark Strand Poetry Fulbright Lecturer, Brazil, 1965-66;
Fulbright Scholar, Italy, 1960-61
1998 Paul Salopek Explanatory
Mexico-U.S. Journalists Exchange, 1990
1998 Aaron Jay Kernis Music Pew Fund for U.S. Artists
1998 Charles Wright Poetry Fulbright Scholar, 1963-65;
Fulbright Professor,
University of Padua, Italy, 1968-69
1996 George Walker Music Fulbright Fellow, 1957
1995 Doris Kearns Goodwin History Fulbright Fellow, 1966
1994 Eric Freedman Beat
Fulbright Senior Lecturer,
Uzbekistan, 2002
1992 Robert Schenkkan Drama Ford Travel and Study Grantee,
U.S. to Italy, 1962-63
1992 Jane Smiley Fiction Fulbright Grantee, Iceland, 1976-77
1992 Wayne Peterson Music Fulbright Scholar,
Royal Academy of Music, 1953-54
1991 John Updike Fiction Fulbright
1990 Allan Temko Criticism U.S. to France, 1952-53
1990 Sebastian De Grazia Biography or
Fulbright Professor
1990 Charles Simic Poetry Fulbright Travelling Fellow, 1982
1989 Roger Reynolds Music Fulbright Scholar
1988 David Herbert Donald Biography or

Fulbright Lecturer,
University College North Wales, 1953-54

1987 Peter Taylor Fiction Fulbright, 1955
1987 Rita Dove Poetry Fulbright/Hays fellow, 1974-75
1986 Joseph Lelyveld General Non-Fiction Fulbright, U.S. to Burma, 1960-61
1983 Galway Kinnell Poetry Fulbright Scholar, 1955-56;
Fulbright Lecturer, University of Iran, 1959-60
1982 Martin Bernheimer Criticism U.S. to Germany, 1958-59
1982 John Updike Fiction Fulbright
1982 Roger Sessions Music Fulbright
1982 Sylvia Plath Poetry Fulbright to England, 1955-57
1978 Meg Greenfield Editorial
Fulbright Scholar, Newnham College and
Cambridge University, England, 1952-53
1976 Alan M. Kriegsman Criticism Fulbright Scholar
University of Vienna, Austria, 1956-57
1976 R.W.B. Lewis Biography or
Fulbright Lecturer,
University of Munich, 1957-58
1976 Ned Rorem Music Fulbright Fellow, France, 1951-52
1976 John Ashbery Poetry Fulbright Scholar, France, 1955-57
1975 Dominick Argento Music Fulbright, U.S. to Italy, 1951-52
1974 Hedrick Smith International Reporting Fulbright Scholar,
Balliol College, England, 1955-56
1974 Daniel J. Boorstin History

Fulbright Lecturer,
University of Rome, Italy, 1950;
Kyoto University, Japan, 1957

1974 Donald Martino Music Fulbright, Italy, 1954-56
1974 Roger Sessions Special Awards and
Citations - Music
1973 Eudora Welty Fiction Fulbright
1972 Jacob Druckman Music Fulbright, 1954
1972 James Wright Poetry Fulbright, U.S. to Austria, 1952-53
1970 Ada Louise Huxtable Criticism Fulbright Fellow, Italy, 1950- 52
1970 Richard Howard Poetry
1969 Paul Greenberg Editorial Writing Fulbright Fellow, 1985
1969 Benjamin L. Reid Biography or
Fulbright Research Grantee, 1963-64
1968 George Crumb Music Fulbright Fellow,
Hochschule für Musik, Berlin, Germany, 1955-56
1968 Anthony Hecht Poetry Fulbright Professor, Brazil, 1971
1967 David Brion Davis General Non-Fiction Fulbright Lecturer, India, 1967;
Fulbright Lecturer, Israel, Holland, Italy, 1981
1966 Leslie Bassett Music Fulbright Fellow, 1950-51
1965 Ernest Samuels Biography or
Fulbright Lecturer, Belgium, 1958-59
1961 David Herbert Donald Biography or
Fulbright Lecturer,
University College North Wales, 1953-54
1949 Roy Franklin Nichols History Fulbright Lecturer, India and Japan, 1962
1949 Peter Viereck Poetry Fulbright Professor,
University of Florence, Italy, 1954-56
1945 Aaron Copland Music Fulbright
1944 Carleton Mabee Biography or
Fulbright Professor,
Keio University, Tokyo, 1953-54
1943 George Weller Reporting IIE, U.S. to Austria, 1930-31

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