US Australia Intl Student Data

U.S. and Australian International Student Data Collection

Key Differences and Practices (2012)

Download the briefing paper (675 KB, PDF)

The Institute of International Education's Center for Academic Mobility Research is pleased to announce the publication of a new briefing paper: U.S. and Australian International Student Data Collection: Key Differences and Practices.

This briefing paper summarizes the findings of a comparative study on international student data collection methods and practices in the United States and in Australia, conducted in collaboration with the International Research and Analysis Unit of Australian Education International (AEI) with support from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE). The paper summarizes the key differences between the data collection systems of both countries and identifies best practices in Australian data collection which can be used to improve data collection efforts in other countries, as well as ways in which countries can collaborate to move toward the common goal of better cross-national comparability of mobility data.

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