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Research Projects & Services

Since 1919, IIE has pioneered applied research and policy analysis in the field of international student mobility. IIE's research projects, including Open Doors, Project Atlas and the Global Education Research Reports, help measure and document trends in international academic exchange.

Research Services

Since 1919, IIE has pioneered the collection and analysis of student mobility data. In addition to the publicly available data on the Open Doors website, IIE’s Center for Academic Mobility Research and Impact also carries out customized research on academic mobility and the internationalization of higher education. Our research is tailored to the informational needs of governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, and the private sector, and helps provide an in-depth understanding of current and emerging global trends as well as a historical look at how these trends have shaped up over time. Our wide range of U.S. and international sponsors and clients includes: the U.S. government; the U.S. higher education sector; U.S. state consortia; the Ford Foundation; Carnegie Corporation; and the World Bank, among others.

Our Research Approach

IIE’s research Center maintains the highest standards in carrying out rigorous and impartial research, while also following best practices in data confidentiality. To balance IIE’s need to keep data confidential with the needs of scholars, the media, and other interested organizations to obtain data on global student mobility, we assess each research request and its goals and intended use carefully. We especially welcome research requests where the findings will be:

  • Used to promote scholarly research and expand the knowledge base of international education and mobility
  • Used by U.S. and overseas educational agencies for facilitating student exchange and mobility
  • Used by the private sector to facilitate student recruitment for employment in the students’ home countries or home regions

Please use the following form to submit your online request. IIENetwork members receive a 10% discount on our research services.

Our Research Projects

  • lifeinsurancethumb

    Open Doors: International Educational Exchange

     Open Doors, supported by a grant from the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, is a comprehensive, national data and information resource on international students and scholars studying or teaching at U.S. higher education institutions, and U.S. students studying abroad.

  • Project Atlas

    Project Atlas: Measuring Global Mobility

     Project Atlas ® follows the worldwide migration trends of millions of international students, and provides a comprehensive global picture of international student mobility for major sending and host countries.

  • Study abroad

    Meeting America's Global Education Challenge

    This major policy research initiative offers educators and policymakers research on U.S. study abroad capacity, as well as recommendations for maximizing resources and paving the way for substantial study abroad growth.

  • Global education research

    Global Education Research Reports

    The Global Education Research Reports series is a joint effort of IIE and the AIFS Foundation to explore the most pressing and under-researched issues affecting international education policy today.

IIE Publications and Research Reports

IIE's research reports and policy papers serve as a rapid response to the changing landscape of international education.