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Center for Higher Education Capacity Development

Helping public and private sector institutions develop and manage international scholarship and exchange programs

The Center for Higher Education Capacity Development’s consulting and training services can help you meet specific goals and short term project needs and lay the foundation for large scale global programs that your organization will manage. The Center is experienced in working with new, leading global universities to develop programs and curricula, and attract highly accomplished students and researchers. As part of the Institute of International Education, the Center is ideally positioned to assist universities, ministries of higher education, foundations, corporations and international organizations on strategic initiatives, including, among others:

  • Launching new scholarship programs for students or scholars
  • Building strategic recruitment and admissions plans to attract the most talented students from around the world
  • Developing visiting faculty programs
  • Training your professional staff to manage scholarship and exchange programs more effectively
  • Implementing systems and measuring results

Our Center is staffed by experts who have extensive experience in managing higher education initiatives and utilizing recognized global best practices and standards, as well as the latest technology. The Center’s services include:

Strategic Planning and Advisory Services

  • Strategic Planning and Reputation Building: formulating institutional vision and strategy including determining your academic market and its needs, establishing benchmarks to measure impact and success, branding considerations, region-specific needs, identifying and managing relationships with strategic partners and overall program development.
  • Scholarship Management: developing branded scholarships, designing and conducting an application and selection process, providing outreach and recruitment for scholarship applicants, managing financial administration and student monitoring, and devising scholarship recipient services and monitoring plans.
  • Scholarship, Career and Academic Preparation: design of programs and offices offering scholarship and career services and academic preparatory activities, such as intensive English and pre-academic programs. This can include initial staffing, staff training, creating processes, policies, resources and curriculum.

Strategic Identification of Talent

  • Prospective Student Outreach and Development: designing an outreach strategy and plan, as well as materials; determining an admissions application and selection process; devising services to support students before, during and after their programs; and managing finances.
  • Faculty and Administrator Outreach and Development: identifying top talent in key fields of study worldwide, providing training and professional development, strengthening research, building research capacity, developing unique and distinguished programs.

Certification and Training

  • IIE Academy for Scholarship Management: workshops and customized training and assessment to build the capacity of your scholarship management office and staff.
  • IIE Certification in Scholarship Management: a thorough assessment of your needs – based on your goals – will be translated into formal qualifications in scholarship management for your staff. A training program will be designed and led by IIE experts to bring staff members up to your custom certificate level.  Specific certificate areas include outreach, application management and award selection, scholarship recipient monitoring and advising, alumni activities.

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Upcoming and Past Events 

WISE Summit Workshop :Building the Knowledge Economy: Human Capacity Development through Scholarship Programs
Doha, Qatar – November 1, 2011
Ms. Edith Cecil, Vice President, IIE
Michael Loudin, ExxonMobil

In today’s global economy, development of human capacity is more important than ever. A key factor is the ability to offer access to tertiary education opportunities for motivated and often under-served students that will help build a country’s knowledge economy and workforce. Major stakeholders—national governments, universities, the private sector, and foundations—all have a responsibility to work together to offer education opportunities that meet changing domestic, regional, and global needs. In this workshop, participants discussed examples of how strategic scholarship programs have been game changers, lessons learned from their achievements, and challenges and visions for the future.