Placement Services

University Placement Services

IIE has unparalleled expertise in placing international students in institutions of higher education. Our knowledgeable placement specialists work with the full range of U.S. colleges and universities and a select number of institutions and training providers worldwide. Our placement services are dedicated to matching each student with the best possible program.

Organized by field of study, our University Placement Specialists develop strong relationships with admissions offices, faculty and staff in academic departments as well as training providers. Our experts are well informed of recent trends as well as program offerings, new initiatives and interdisciplinary research centers within U.S. institutions and at universities worldwide. Through close research of academic options we are able to match each candidate with the best possible programs to fit their study goals.

IIE is able to work successfully with new programs and initiatives. We can quickly adjust to changing priorities as well as address evolving interests and capabilities of students. IIE has a proven track record of:

  • Working with a full range of fields of study as well as training providers and higher education institutions
  • Selecting programs that provide a strong academic fit for each individual and showcase a range of educational and training offerings
  • Gaining admissions into degree, non-degree and certificate programs
  • Acquiring significant cost-sharing when necessary
  • Handling off-cycle placements for those seeking winter, spring or summer admissions or programs
  • Conducting fast-tracked placements for those candidates identified late in an admission season
  • Arranging consortium agreements, both soliciting interests and building consortia
  • Contracting for customized programs
  • Advising on pre-academic interventions—additional English language study or content-based or skills coursework

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