IIE History 1920s

1920s: Building The Foundations

IIE began organized student, faculty and teacher exchanges with several European governments.

Designs and lobbies for a new student visa, as U.S. legislation begins to foreclose other channels of access for foreign students.

Sends out a questionnaire to U.S. academic institutions in a first attempt to standardize the assessment of incoming foreign students.

Helps 300 stranded Russian students obtain scholarships or employment.

First IIE Reciprocal Student Exchange Program initiated between the U.S. and Czechoslovakia.

Inaugurates an international exchange program between the U.S. and Great Britain, inviting debating teams from Oxford and Cambridge to visit American and Canadian colleges and universities.

Steamship lines install Student Third Class passage as a result of IIE advocacy.

Organizes a committee to supervise Junior Year Abroad scholarships and encourages the expansion of the Junior Year Abroad.

Opens Latin American Division and, at the request of the Pan American Union, plans a U.S. tour for 22 Argentine scholars.

Administers more than 250 Fellowships for U.S. and foreign students worth almost a quarter of a million dollars. 

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