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Ph.D. Dissertation Research Program

The Fulbright Research Programs in the People's Republic of China are intended "to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries."

Foreign Language Teaching Assistants Program

In cooperation with the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Department of State, the IIE Beijing office manages the local logistics for this program, which sends Chinese teachers to the United States to teach Chinese language. Responsibilities include advertising and publicity, convening a panel to interview and select teachers, providing pre-departure orientation, and making arrangements for visas and travel.

More information for Fulbright applicants who plan to come to China, or Fulbright grantees who are currently in China, can be found here.

The International Fellowships Program began in 2001 and is being implemented in 22 developing countries around the world. With a total investment of 375 million U.S. dollars, it is the largest project in Ford Foundation’s history. Through this project, the Ford Foundation hopes to deepen the effect of its investment in higher education over the past half-century.

Learn more about Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program®

IFP China News:

A Chinese IFP Fellow helps deaf Hangzhou farmer Chen Faqing to fight environmental pollution in his hometown, and eventually the two of them gain the attention of an international audience in calling for greenhouse gas reductions.

“Supporting a Farmer’s Dreams” by Xin Hao

A voluntary group of over 15 IFP Alumni with a mission to translate, promote, and communicate first-rate nature writing between China and the world; supply voluntary nature writing translation services for conservation NGOs, governments and other agencies; and cultivate translators for conservation.

IFP China Alumni found "Translation for Nature"

A Chinese IFP Fellow compares his personal experience of the way Japan's people responded to their recent earthquake with the way Chinese responded to their own 2008 Wenchuan earthquake: "I believe that there are lessons we can learn from the Japanese community..."

“Disaster in Eastern Japan: My Experience” by Liao Hanbo (translated)

Cun Yanfang began her work in late 2010 by training fellow environmental leaders on conservation theory, research methodologies, social marketing, and project management. In 2011, she plans periodic visits to program sites around the world, along with regular coaching, mentoring, and distance support.

Chinese Fellow Cun Yanfang Joins RARE Conservation

Xu Xuejun is a poverty alleviation specialist in Yunnan Province, where he ensures that local villagers have a voice in the design of anti-poverty projects in their communities. Learn how behavioral change can be a rewarding path to social change.

IFP Portrait: Xu Xuejun

IFP alum Zhang Guihong received his master's degree in Resource Management and Administration from Antioch University in 2005. Today he is Manager of the Wildlife Trade Program at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WSC) in China, where he designs outreach campaigns focusing on combating illegal wildlife trade.

IFP Portrait: Zhang Guihong

China Medical Board Grants Programs

Grants competitions for students and faculty, especially in health policy and systems sciences.

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