IIE provides a wide range of services to and manages or administers programs for many corporations, foundations, government agencies, and international agencies. We encourage your organization to consider working with IIE to develop programs that meet your specific objectives.

Corporations and Corporate Foundations

IIE partners with corporations and corporate foundations to design and implement a wide variety of programs focused on developing future professionals and leaders with global competency by providing them with the international experience and cross-cultural tools to succeed in the 21st century. IIE works in close collaboration with corporate partners to custom-tailor programs and services to meet specific corporate needs, philanthropic objectives, and corporate social responsibility goals. In addition, IIE provides assistance to global companies in the development of globally competent employees and in the training and education of employees in other countries.

Private Foundations

IIE partners with private foundations to develop the human capital that is needed to understand and address key challenges in education and development around the world. Private foundation programs include initiatives to provide higher education opportunities to outstanding individuals from disadvantaged groups in countries undergoing important transformations. Such programs help to train a new group of leaders and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and resources to confront pressing social, economic, and political problems.

Government Agencies

U.S. and foreign government sponsors are key IIE partners in the implementation of international education exchange and global development programs. Foremost among them are two U.S. Government agencies, the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development on whose behalf IIE has the honor of administering many programs including the Fulbright Student and Scholars Programs, International Visitors program, the Gilman International Scholarship Program, Development Training II in Egypt, the Exchange Program for Sustainable Growth in Asia, EcoLinks in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia and the NIS and the globally-based Energy and Environment Training Project and Emerging Markets Development Advisors Program.

International Agencies

IIE assists international agencies by providing services which complement the agencies' own grant-making and grant-management operations. IIE services include the recruitment, screening and selection of scholarship grantees worldwide; contracting of consultants with facilitation of their travel, insurance and meeting arrangements; administration of grants to individual or organizational grantees with operational oversight, fiscal control and relevant tax compliance; and record-keeping and reporting to the agencies' specifications. IIE offers flexible, tailored support, which meshes closely with the agencies' operations, staffing and calendar.

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