Madhavi Bhasin

Program Officer,
Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives

Madhavi joined the Institute of International Education in 2011 to work with the E-Mediat: Tools, Technology and Training team, where she supported social media trainings for civil society organizations in the Middle East and North Africa region. Madhavi received a Ph.D. in International Relations from Jadavpur University, India and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Delhi University, India. She was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for South Asia Studies, UC Berkeley for two years, conducting research on the contemporary socio-political trends in India. Seven years after pursuing her career in academic research, Madhavi moved from working with community development programs to international NGOs. She continues to work with India based NGOs and is currently designing an online platform for South Asian NGOs to connect and network. She is primarily interested in issues relating to women’s economic empowerment, use of social media for social change and exploring cultural adaptations of development models.