What is the Alcoa Foundation Advancing Sustainability Research Initiative?

The program is a US $4 million, two-year research initiative that supports ground-breaking research worldwide. Participants in Alcoa Foundation Advancing Sustainability Research include thought leaders at universities, NGOs and research institutions, in cooperation with experts and volunteers from Alcoa’s offices around the world.

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What will the program’s research initiatives focus on?

The program’s research initiatives will focus on: Improved environmental practices for local communities or corporations; Informed public policy decisions and standards; Innovative design utilizing lightweight materials; Advanced methods for lightweight materials research and cost-benefit analysis.

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What is the Alcoa Foundation?

Alcoa Foundation is a nonprofit U.S. corporate foundation with assets of approximately US $420 million. In addition to addressing locally identified needs in communities where Alcoa operates, Alcoa Foundation is focused on unlocking solutions to critical environmental sustainability challenges, including global climate change. Alcoa Foundation has been a long-term partner in Alcoa communities worldwide for more than fifty years, investing over US $515 million since 1952.

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News and Events

On February 18, 2014, Greenbiz hosted an hour long webcast, which highlighted the achievements of Alcoa Foundation's Advancing Sustainability Research Initiative and was attended by 300 sustainability and corporate social responsibility experts.

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In seven key regions around the world, partners selected with Alcoa regional leadership are working on 10 research initiatives aligned with Alcoa's sustainability priorities and areas of importance.




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