About the Program

Alcoa Foundation created the Advancing Sustainability Research: Innovative Partnerships for Actionable Solutions initiative in response to the many serious sustainability challenges facing the world today. Issues such as climate change, energy consumption, water management, and accelerated development in emerging countries have the potential to impact our world for generations to come. Alcoa Foundation invested US $4 million to support 10 ground-breaking research studies in the fields of natural resource management, materials science and engineering, sustainable design, energy and environmental economics.

Dozens of thought leaders worldwide are currently conducting breakthrough research. Through the program's combination of pure and applied research and interdisciplinary structure, the partners are not only defining the challenges but also working to give decision makers usable information. Across five continents, the program's partner organizations are tackling issues that have local impact and global implications.

Alcoa Foundation Advancing Sustainability Research will be managed by Alcoa Foundation and administered by the Institute of International Education. The initiative will support an active program of publishing and online dissemination and discussion of the results among researchers and stakeholders. This will facilitate the sharing of solutions with the sustainability community worldwide and with others working in these specific fields.

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