Water Management

Responsible Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development

Schoolchildren test springwater with the Educational Center for Ecology and Safety, Samara, Russia.In Russia, Alcoa Foundation is funding critical research and education in responsible industrial wastewater management. The Responsible Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development project has two centers of foci: Samara-Oblast (Samara province) and Moscow.

In Samara-Oblast, the research focuses on industrial wastewater management. Samara, the sixth largest city in Russia, lies at the confluence of the Volga and Samara rivers. The life of Samara's citizens has always been strongly tied to the Volga, which has served as one of Russia's most important commercial routes for several hundred years. The city's scenic riverfront is a favorite recreational area for locals and visitors alike. However, Samara is also the leading industrial center of the Volga region. Responsible management of the wastewater generated by these industries is of critical importance to maintain the river's environmental health and recreational value.

In Moscow, the Fund for Sustainable Development and the Institute of Water Problems are working at the federal and local levels, to support the initiative through relevant information exchange and dissemination. As a result, the targeted groups will be better informed about water management systems in Russia, and wastewater cleaning. They will also be able to deliver new approaches developed by the project's research to citizens. The goal of the project is to deliver new approaches for improved water management and polluted-water cleaning techniques. Moscow State University is also conducting research and modernizing its water management curriculum. In this way, a wide spectrum of stakeholders are engaged in the program: students, scientists, decision-makers, citizens and professionals in natural resource management.

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