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Graduate Application

Eligibility Requirements for the Mestrado Profissional nos EUA (Master's Degree in Applied Sciences) Program

  • Must be a citizen of Brazil.
  • Must show proof of having completed a bachelor’s degree after 1998 or the intention to complete a bachelor’s degree on or before August 2014.
  • Must complete the Mestrado Profissional nos EUA application including:
    • the study objective essay
    • the personal statement essay
    • present copies of all post-secondary academic transcripts, with English translations when necessary
    • three original letters of recommendation
  • Must present a minimum IBT TOEFL score report of 79 or IELTS score report of 6.5 for test(s) taken within the past two (2) years.
  • Must present a GRE General exam score report with a minimum quantitative score of 680 (for exams taken before August 2011) or quantitative score of 153 (for exams taken on or after August 2011) and a minimum analytical writing score of 3.0. GRE exams are valid for five (5) years.

*Note: For all TOEFL and GRE exams, IIE’s institutional code is 2326. CAPES' code is 9377. For IELTS, select the Institute of International Education from the ‘Professional Bodies’ listing.

The application deadline has passed.

Access the online application

This section contains information on :

  • Your Mestrado Profissional nos EUA Application Checklist
  • Application tips
  • Advice on letters of recommendation
  • Details about academic transcripts and translations
  • Instructions regarding sending test scores

Please review all information on this page carefully before beginning your application.

Mestrado Profissional nos EUA Application Checklist

A complete application includes the following components:

Required Items Description
Make certain to follow all instructions carefully, especially essay instructions
Access the Mestrado Profissional nos EUA online application
Letters of Recommendation
These can be submitted online or sent to IIE.
Minimum of 3 from instructors, professors, teachers or work supervisors who know you well.
Academic Transcripts Copies of your academic transcripts/records for all post-secondary institutions attended. Please upload copies into your application.
Note: If selected, we will then need official copies sent directly from your institution.
Original Translation of Transcripts Official transcripts translated into English when transcripts are not issued in English; must be literal, not interpretative.
Standardized tests
*Taken within past two years
Minimum of 79 IBT (550 PBT) or a 6.5 IELTS score.
Standardized tests
GRE General
*Taken within past five years
Minimum quantitative score of 680 (for exams taken before August 2011) or quantitative score of 153 (for exams taken on or after August 2011) and a minimum analytical writing score of 3.0.

Send Inquiries To:

The application deadline has pased.

Access the online application

Application Tips

  • Take care to answer all questions to the best of your ability.
  • Make sure that you spell your name correctly and in English; do not use diacritical markings.
  • Make sure that information you add into the online application text boxes completely displays. (You should not need to scroll down to see all the information. If you do, then you have entered too much information. What does not display in the text box will not be viewable.)
  • On page 2, list all post-secondary schools attended –not just schools at which a degree was awarded—and list in order of those most recently attended.
  • On page 2, list all academic, professional, and personal awards and honors achieved.
  • On page 4, submit a clearly articulated study objective or academic goal statement is an important component of your application. This is your opportunity to state what you want to study and hope to achieve. Be specific.
  • On page 5, the personal statement is your opportunity to tell your story. Be specific. You can both highlight your strengths and address any inconsistencies or perceived weaknesses. The essay is about you and your experiences (Who are you?).
  • On page 6, please feel free to insert your resume or a CV (curriculum vitae) and/or examinee copies of your test scores.
  • On page 7, feel free to scan in copies of your student academic transcripts. (Please note carefully, official transcripts prepared by the schools you attended will still be needed is you are selected.)
  • On page 10, University Preferences, you can indicate your school preferences and share any other pertinent data that someone handling your placement should know.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Important! Ideally should be from people who know you well in a professional capacity.
  • You might want to focus more on work contacts OR on academic contacts. It depends on what is weighed more significantly by the admissions committee—your work experience or your academic background. This will vary by your field of study.
  • Referees should be able to speak to your strengths.
  • Referees should be chosen who will say different things about you.
  • Note, in some educational systems the reputation of the referee is important.  However, in the U.S. this is not a consideration. It is more important that the referee know you well.
  • We recommend that your recommenders complete the online recommendation letter. You register them as part of the online application process. However, if they cannot, you can access all the letter of recommendation form on the supplement forms page in the online application.

Academic Transcripts and Translations:

  • Transcripts must list all courses and/or subjects taken and the grades received. Ideally they should indicate when the course was taken. Usually they contain a ‘legend’ which will explain what an ‘excellent’ grade, a ‘passing’ grade, etc. is. (Please note, a description of the course is NOT needed.)
  • Must be in the official language of the country unless your school provides official transcripts in English.
  • If a translation is necessary, it can be issued by the school or by a qualified translator. Translations must be literal—not interpretive.
  • For the application, you can scan copies of your academic transcripts and upload into the online application or you can send to IIE at address below.

Test Scores

  • If you have previously taken exams, you can upload your ‘examinee’ copy into the application.
  • If taking the exam, please make sure to indicate IIE and CAPES as test recipients.
    • For the TOEFL exam, the codes are 2326 (IIE) and 9377 (CAPES)
      • Scores are valid for two years.
    • For the IELTS exam, select the Institute of International Education from the ‘Professional Bodies’ listing.
      • English language proficiency tests are valid for two years.
    • For the GRE General exams, the codes are 2326 (IIE) and 9377 (CAPES).
      • Scores are valid for five years.

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