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The BSMP Financial Policies have been updated for Spring 2014.
  • Spring 2014 (March) Long Term English Students must review the BSMP Financial Policies and submit the Student Financial Report Form by April 18, 2014.
  • Spring 2014 (January) Academic Students must review the BSMP Financial Policies and submit the Bank Authorization (EFT) Form in April 2014.  Summer 2014 stipends cannot be distributed to students who do not submit the Bank Authorization (EFT) Form.
  • All students should review the updated BSMP Financial Policies at the start of each term to ensure timely payment of stipends and invoices associated with student accounts.
    Summer 2014 Policies: Stipends,  Eligibility, Guidelines
    The Summer 2014 Policy Summary is now available. Students should review this document carefully as it contains detailed information about how IIE will administer Summer 2014 stipends and expenditures. 
    Please note that all students are required to keep their bank information up to date with IIE. If your bank information changes, please submit a new Bank Authorization (EFT) Form immediately. Stipends distributed to outdated/closed bank accounts cannot be retrieved directly by IIE.

    Contacting IIE Regarding Financial Issues
    The BSMP Financial Policies recommend IIE contacts by subject area. Once you have identified the appropriate IIE contact, please follow the guidance below when sending your email to IIE.

    In the subject line of your email, please select the appropriate option below: 
  • App Fees: Use for questions about application fees; provide a link to the payment website and your login information in the body of your email if IIE must process a payment on your behalf.
  • Spring Tuition, Summer Tuition, Fall Tuition, or Winter Tuition: Use to indicate the specific term if you have a tuition-related question.
  • Financial Confirmation: Use if your U.S. Host Institution or housing provider requires a letter of financial support or a document stating you are a sponsored student.
  • Housing: Use if you have general questions about housing (unrelated to a financial guarantee) or need a “Lease Side Letter”.
  • Meal: Use if you have a question about meal plans.
  • Reimbursement: Use if you have questions about a reimbursement.
  • Stipend: Use if you have questions regarding the stipends administered by IIE.

  • In the body of your email, please provide your information in the format below:
  • Name:
  • IIE ID Number:
  • Current U.S. Host Institution:
  • Current U.S. Host Institution Student ID Number:
  • Call/Chamada:
  • Term (Spring/Fall/Summer) and Year You Started the Program:
  • Question/reason for your email: Please keep your email brief.

  1. BSMP Financial Policies: All BSMP students should review the financial policies, updated as of April 2014.
  2. 2014 Student Financial Report Form: Spring 2014 (January) Academic Students and continuing students do not need to complete this form. This form must be completed by all students who began the program in March 2014 or later to confirm adherence with the BSMP financial policies and to report initial U.S. bank account information for stipend distribution. The form must be submitted through the BSMP Grantee Service Portal.
  3. Bank Authorization (EFT) Form: This form should be completed by students who need to update their U.S. bank account information on file at IIE. A new Bank Authorization (EFT) Form will not be processed for any student who has not already submitted the 2014 Student Report Form. The form must be submitted through the BSMP Grantee Service Portal.
  4. W-9 Form: This form must be completed by vendors (e.g., universities, property management companies, student catering services) seeking payment for approved program expenses. The form must be submitted to for regular academic and bridge program invoices. The form must be submitted to for intensive English program invoices.
  5. Summer 2014 Policy Summary: All BSMP students should review the Summer 2014 policy, updated as of April 2014.

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