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Please find important materials for all aspects of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program in the sections below. It is important to read all policies and instructions carefully, and complete any forms as appropriate. Please also be certain to submit the forms as indicated in the instructions. The process for completing and submitting each form is different.

Academic Reporting

  1. Student Report Initial (188 KB, PDF)—After you have registered for your first semester courses you must submit the form to IIE listing the courses you are taking for the semester.
  2. Student Report Mid-Program (195 KB, PDF)—After completion of your first semester you must submit this form listing your grades for the previous semester and the courses that you have registered for the preceding semester.

IEP Reporting

  1. Student Mid-Program Report—March Long-Term English 2014 students must submit this form by June 16, 2014.


    1. BSMP Financial Policies (328 KB, PDF)—All BSMP students should review the financial policies, updated as of August 2014.
    2. Bank Authorization (EFT) Form—For students who need to update their U.S. bank account information on file at IIE. 
    3. W-9 Form: This form must be completed by vendors (e.g., universities, property management companies, student catering services) seeking payment for approved program expenses.
    4. Summer 2014 Policy Summary—All BSMP students should review the Summer 2014 policy, updated as of April 2014.
    5. Taxes Handout—IIE is not contracted to assist with taxes, but has created a handout with useful information.

Health Insurance

  1. Health Insurance Confirmation Form (186 KB, PDF)—You must send this form within 10 days of your arrival in the U.S. to confirm that you are enrolled in a health plan that meets J-1 visa regulations.
  2. IIE Insurance Request Form (192 KB, PDF)


  1. Travel Validation Form (35 KB, PDF)—If you plan to travel outside the U.S. (including Canada and Mexico) during your Program, this form must be completed and sent to IIE for approval.
  2. Final Departure Report Form

Academic Training

  1. Academic Training Policies
  2. Info Sheet on Requesting Approval
  3. Beginning of AT: AT Verification
  4. End of AT: AT Evaluation Survey (Instructions)

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