The C.V. Starr Scholarship Program is for the dependent children of all full-time regular employees/agents of C.V. Starr International Co., Inc., C.V. Starr & Co. Inc., Back O’ Beyond Inc. and their subsidiaries. The eligible employees and agents must have been employed by one of the companies for at least one year as of December 31st of the year prior to the year in which the grant will take effect. Applicants must not be older than 25 years old as of December 31st of the year prior to the year the grant is to take effect.

The scholarship grants are intended to assist and enable such children to pursue undergraduate or graduate degree programs in a college or university in the United States or outside of the United States (International). Grants will be for the completion of one degree program only and may not be renewed to pursue additional degree programs. However, grantees may reapply as new applicants to pursue new, higher, degree programs if their parent is still an eligible employee or agent at the time of the new application and if the applicant still meets the age requirement. Scholarship awards shall be renewed annually for the first degree provided the grantee maintains satisfactory academic progress.

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