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About the Program

The Cargill Global Scholars Program is a distinctive scholarship opportunity that not only provides financial support, but offers leadership development opportunities through seminars, networking events, and a one-on-one mentoring program. These enrichment activities have been designed to help foster and enhance the Cargill Global Scholars’ leadership potential and critical thinking skills, and equip them with the tools necessary for becoming global leaders and decisions makers.

Scholarships will be awarded to talented, high performing university students who demonstrate exemplary academic achievement and leadership potential and study in a field relevant to Cargill’s world of food, agriculture and risk management.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

Applicants to the Cargill Global Scholars program must:

  1. Be a citizen or permanent legal resident of Brazil, China, India, Russia or the United States.
  2. Attend a partner university in the country of citizenship or permanent legal residency
  3. Be a first or second year university student
  4. Demonstrate high academic performance
  5. Demonstrate leadership potential

Preference will be given to applicants who:

  1. Demonstrate financial need
  2. Specialize in fields of study that are identified as preferred fields (visit the Cargill Global Scholars webpage for details)
  3. Are from a disadvantaged or underrepresented group within their country

For more information about the eligibility and application requirements in your country please visit:

Participating Countries


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