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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve forgotten my username and/or password for my Gilman online account, what do I do?

A. If you’ve forgotten your Gilman username and/or password, then you can either click “Forgot my Password” to have a temporary password sent to your email or contact the Gilman Scholarship Program to retrieve your username.

Q. I extended my stay abroad so my date of return to the U.S. has changed from what I submitted in my application. When is my project due?

A. We realize that many Gilman Scholars extend their stay abroad to continue their studies or pursue other opportunities such as internships, volunteering or working abroad. We are happy to work with you to extend your Follow-on Service Project due date in this situation. If you extended your time abroad, the report is due within six months of your new return date. We ask that you update your new return date in the Abroad section of your Gilman account as soon as possible.

Q. What do I do if I am interviewed about my study abroad experience as a Gilman Scholarship recipient?

A. Since the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) at the U.S. Department of State, you are not only a recipient of a U.S. government-funded program but have become a representative; thus, you should acknowledge the program sponsor in your interview. Depending on the article or story to be published, the subject may vary, but it is always good to include the highlights of your experience abroad that positively influenced your academic and professional goals. Additionally, you can speak of the cultural and language learning opportunities you benefited from, whether you participated in classes, a field study, an internship, or service learning project. You are more than welcome to contact the Gilman Program to inform us that you will be interviewed and the Program can further assist you. Please contact the Gilman Program in advance of the interview or event.

Q. What if I no longer have a copy of my original proposal from my application?

A. If you no longer have a copy of your original proposal, please log in to your online Gilman account to review your Follow-on Service Proposal Essay.

Q. I've read my original proposal and would like to make some revisions and/or changes to my project. Do these need to be approved first?

A. Yes. Follow-on Service Project proposals are one of the criteria used to select recipients of the Gilman Scholarship. Thus, it is very important that whenever possible you carry out the project proposed in your application. However, we do realize that at times revisions, additions and/or improvements may need to be made.

You may request a revision to your project by contacting the Gilman office with a description of your reason for changing your Follow-on Service Project and a brief description of your new proposal. Please keep in mind that your project revisions should at least still maintain the same level of effort and quality of your original proposal.

If you would like to request an extension to complete your Follow-on Service Project, please contact the Gilman Program and include the following information in your request:

  • Reason you are requesting an extension
  • Approximate date of completion

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