How To Apply

Application Requirements

The application has seven components described below:

  1. Application Cover Sheet - Fill out completely and sign it.
  2. Curriculum Vitae - The CV gives an overview of all of your educational and professional accomplishments and activities. Awards, special recognition, and published papers should be mentioned.
  3. Statement of Intent - This statement must describe how your research topic links population/family planning, reproductive health, and economic development. Include a brief synopsis of the relevant literature, and explain how your research will contribute to the Fellowship Program’s research objectives. Summarize what kind of data you expect to produce, and how you will use it within your research. Include a hypothesis of what you expect the project results will be. Maximum of twenty double-spaced pages.
  4. Budget Plan - The budget plan should specify tuition cost for your university, an estimate of research expenses that can include travel for fieldwork, data acquisition, and materials, and cost of living. Please be as detailed as possible and include a budget of expenses for each of the two years for the fellowship.
  5. Dissertation schedule - The schedule should have a chronological timeline with details of activities and research to be completed. Indicate if any travel for fieldwork will take place, as well as presentations scheduled for review committees, dates of examinations. In addition, state when you expect to defend your dissertation and obtain your degree.
  6. Personal Essay - This essay should describe your interest in this field and whether there is a particular group or community you are researching. Describe what you hope to accomplish with your research and why it is important. Maximum of two double-spaced pages.
  7. Recommendation Letters - Submit two recommendation letters. One must be from your academic adviser, and one from another faculty member. Letters should address your academic accomplishments to date, the quality of your research topic, and your personal qualities. Reference letters should also include their email address so we can follow up with them if we have questions.

Applications must be submitted both electronically and by post.

  • Electronically (Please make sure that all attachments combined are less than 8MB so we can receive them):

E-mail the application to

  • Hard-copy by post (including original signed reference letters):

Hewlett Foundation/IIE Dissertation Fellowships
Institute of International Education
7th Floor
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

As funding for this program has now ended, we will not be accepting applications for 2014.

Please edit your application for clarity and consistency. Here is a checklist you can use to make sure you have included all of the required materials for your application.

Application Checklist
For your application to be considered complete, please ensure that you send all seven items below electronically and by post:

  1. Completed and signed Application Cover Sheet
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Statement of Intent (maximum of 20 pages)
  4. Schedule for completing the dissertation (must be detailed and chronological)
  5. Budget Plan for use of the fellowship award (must include tuition costs, research expenses, and cost of living for your location)
  6. Personal Essay (address why you are interested in your research - maximum of 2 pages)
  7. Two letters of recommendation (one must be from your academic advisor and one from another faculty member)

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