• All parts of the application forms must be completed. Incomplete application forms will not be included in the selection process.
  • Applicants must complete the application forms in English and sign in the given space.
  • Applicants must attach all supporting documents required.
  • Completed application forms missing one or more supporting documents required will not be included in the selection process. For the list of supporting documents, please refer to the DOCUMENT CHECKLIST section.
  • Only the scores of TOEFL® ITP or International TOEFL® are accepted. The score must be NO more than two years of validity since the test date. Scores of any Prediction Tests are NOT accepted.
  • Letters of Reference must be put in a sealed envelope.

Required Documents

  • Completed and signed IELSP application form
  • One (1) color photograph 4 x 6 cm from the last 6 months – affix it in the provided box
  • One (1) copy of TOEFL®ITP or International TOEFL® score
  • One (1) copy of valid Identification Card (KTP)
  • An official letter of enrollment from university, stating that you are still an active student and have not graduated yet/not completed any graduation process (including sidang skripsi)
  • One (1) legalized copy of your university transcript records from the 1st semester to the last semester prior to the semester you are currently in
  • One (1) copy of high school diploma (does not have to be translated)
  • One (1) copy of high school transcript record (does not have to be translated)
  • At least one (1) Letter of Reference from Faculty Member (use the attached from, and put it in a sealed envelope), preferably from your English teacher at the university. Attention: please do not send the letter separately. It must be attached to the application form

Recommended Documents

  • Copies of certificates or awards received
  • Copies of abstract from published articles, research projects, papers presented at conferences, etc. that the applicant has produced

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