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Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Japan-IMF Scholarship Program (JISP) you must be:

  • A Japanese citizen.
  • Pursuing an advanced degree in macroeconomics, finance, public finance, monetary economics, international economics, international trade, poverty issues, political economy, or econometrics at a top university outside of Japan; and
  • Able to complete your Ph.D. by age 34.

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Application GuidelinesGroup of 3 scholars sitting in session.

Step 1 - Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully and refer to them as you complete the application. Specific instructions for completing a question or item are provided in the application. However, as this application is used for several different programs, some of these instructions are not applicable to the Japan-IMF Program and some parts are not required. All of the instructions specific to JISP are noted in the steps below.

Step 1B - Access the online application

Visit IIE's online application portal to register.

Preliminary Questions: In response to Q1: For which program are you applying? Select: "Japan-IMF Scholarship for Advanced Studies" from the drop-down list under the "Other Scholarship Programs" section (near the bottom)

In response to Q2: Which application do you need to complete? Select: "Graduate"

JISP participants standing in front of IMF symbol.Step 2 - Complete the application form

Item 25- Examination Results: Only the GRE and TOEFL are required.

Step 3 - Documents and Essays

Item 28 - Study/Research Objective: Please limit to 150 words.

Item 29 - Personal Statement: The personal statement is an essential and highly important part of your application. You should take great care to write a clear statement, of no more than 500 words, primarily focusing on your academic background, career goals and interest in working as an IMF economist.

Item 30 - Additional Information: Please include a list of all the institutions to which you are applying and the date when you expect to be notified. You may attach a resume or CV.

Transcripts - You can upload copies of your transcripts here.

Item 36 - References: Please list only 2 references. Each of your references will be invited via email to provide us with a reference letter on your behalf.

Item 38 - Authorization of Release of Information: Not applicable to JISP, enter "No."

Item 40 - University Preferences- Most Highly PreferredJISP participants in discussion. Institutions: This section is not applicable to JISP. Do not enter anything here.

Item 42 - Institutions to Which You Have Applied: It is expected that you have applied for admission to PhD programs. Please list the names of programs to which you have applied and the response received, if any.

Pg. 10 "Documents / Essays" for additional upload are not required, however, you may attach a resume or CV here (if you do not do so for Item 30).

Step 4 - Supplemental Forms

Of the supplemental forms listed, only the Letters of Recommendation are required.

Letter of Reference/Recommendation: You must have two letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf. Letters of reference are extremely important and should be written by someone under whom you have studied or pursued research or by someone who has supervised you in work related to your proposed field of study.

Recommenders will be invited via email to complete the forms online and submit electronically. You must click on the Recommendation button on the Home page of this application to register your recommenders.

If your recommenders have any concerns with this process, please have them contact:

JISP participants in discussion with speaker.Step 5 - Recommendations

JISP applicants must register TWO recommenders.

Step 6 - Application Inspector

Before you can electronically submit your application, it will be reviewed for completeness. If there is missing data, you will be prompted to correct the application. Review a PDF version of your application and print a copy for your records.

Step 7 - Submit your application

After completing this application and thoroughly reviewing it, you will submit it electronically. Please note that a signature page is not required for JISP.

After submitting your application electronically, you will be able to access it in a viewable PDF format as well as be able to access supplemental forms. You will be able to print these documents. However, you will not be able to make changes to your application.

Tips for Completing the Online Application

  • Record your user ID and password. You can log in and out of the application as frequently as you like.
  • You do not need to complete the application at one sitting. However, there is a 40-minute "time out" function. Save your application frequently.
  • You can copy and paste information into all text boxes.
  • In the text boxes, you must limit your responses to the space provided. Information that exceeds the space provided will not display or print.
  • You can review each page of the application in its PDF format by clicking on the Preview button on the upper right-hand corner. Closing out of the PDF view will bring you back to your application.

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JISP participants standing in front of seal at the IMF.How to Apply Online

Note: Please read the above guidelines very carefully and refer to them as you complete the application. Applications must be submitted online through IIE's application portal. Email with any questions or problems. A complete application must be in English and include the following:

  • Application form
  • A personal statement of no more than 500 words, primarily focusing on the applicant's career goals and interest in working as an IMF economist.
  • All post-secondary school transcripts.
  • 2 letters of recommendation: to be submitted electronically, by 2 different referees.
  • GRE and TOEFL test scores.
  • A scanned digital copy of an application to a doctoral program (if not yet accepted to or attending a program).

All of the above documents can be submitted via the online application. If you experience any difficulties or have questions, please contact us at:

Access the online application here

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