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Are you seeking to grow the international presence in your campus community?

Reviewing applicants through the Study America Undergraduate Program is a great way to add diversity to your campus by providing admission and scholarship to high-caliber international students. Each Study America student is screened twice, first by their home advising office and second, by IIE to ensure high quality applications.

IIE surveys all colleges and universities nationwide each year to determine what the eligibility requirements and financial aid opportunities are for international undergraduates. We then research appropriate US institutions and recommend students to apply based on their academic interests and financial capabilities. Just like any international applicant, Study America students apply to up to 8 institutions and then determine their final choice based on their admissions decisions.

Read more about the Study America applicant profile in this printout summary of the Program:

Study America Host Summary (246 KB, PDF)

Which colleges and universities accept students from this program?

We work with the full range of accredited post-secondary educational institutions. Schools do not have to be IIE member institutions and do not pay any fee to participate. IIE receives no commission to place students in any institution. ALL institutions are invited to review candidates through the program.

What services do institutions need to provide for Study America applicants?

US colleges and universities are responsible for sponsoring Study America student’s visas and issuing their I-20 documents. We ask that participating institutions review Study America applicants for the maximum possible scholarship awards offered to international students at your college or university. In many cases, IIE works with schools to combine more than one award, enabling candidates who require significant aid to come to the United States for undergraduate study. Any expenses not covered by institutional awards are covered directly by the student’s personal funds, not IIE or another institutional sponsor. Depending on their financial situation and the availability of other support, some candidates are able to accept partial awards, while others need full support covering tuition, fees, room and board.

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