International Partners

The primary role of cooperating agencies abroad is to advise students about universities' procedures and deadlines as well as the role of IIE and their own responsibilities as participants in the Undergraduate Program. 

Advisors should maintain contact with students, and their parents at all times during the admission process and in general act as the representatives for the Study America Undergraduate Program at IIE, assisting students in all phases of the application process.  Such contact and assistance will strengthen the students' investment in our joint program.

It is also the responsibility of the advisors abroad to:

  • Work with high schools and test centers to recruit and screen candidates for the Program
  • Represent the Program by attending in-country educational fairs
  • Assist with the continued development and implementation of all recruitment by planning high school visits
  • Work with advising centers in neighboring countries to promote the program and seek suggestions for innovative recruitment strategies
  • Adapt easily to change and have effective organizational skills
  • Seek guidance from IIE representatives in the U.S. for program improvement
  • Interview candidates for selection prior to submitting applications to IIE
  • Ensure all correspondences between IIE and candidates are done in a timely fashion
  • Assure students submit COMPLETED applications online
  • Assure all supporting documents (including all original transcripts, certificates, financial documents and copy of passport) are submitted to IIE
  • Assure that financial documents, most importantly the Certificate of Finances, are complete and signed by a bank official. Advisors should stress that an accurate Certificate of Finances is critical in IIE’s determining possible school submissions
  • Assure that university applications, if necessary,  are promptly submitted
  • Ensure that candidates' families are involved during the application process
  • Collect administration fees at time of application and submit fees to IIE with the application panel
  • In the event a student withdraws from the program, to inform IIE of the reasons for withdrawal
  • Guide candidates through the process of obtaining visas after candidates make selections for final placements
  • Arrange a pre-departure orientation in home country

If your organization is interested in becoming a Study America Undergraduate Program Partner, please review our program policies on the website to learn more about program requirements and application procedures.

Please write to us at providing a brief description of the organization you represent in your home country and your interest in the Study America Undergraduate Program.

Q. Who is eligible?
A. The Study America Undergraduate Program offers secondary school seniors or recent graduates from participating countries who are carefully selected by international partners and screening committees in their home countries based on academic excellence and leadership potential. 

Q. How can students apply?
A. IIE recommends that students contact the Study America Undergraduate Program Partner in the country from which they are applying.  Any Center that believes their students would benefit from the program can nominate candidates. Applicants do not have to be processed through any particular office in any country. Many EducationUSA host institutions, bi-national centers, and foundations have traditionally nominated candidates to the program but no agency/person/center has exclusive right to nominate candidates.

Q. Which colleges and universities accept students from this program?
A. IIE surveys all colleges and universities nationwide every year to determine what financial aid opportunities are offered and what the eligibility requirements are for international undergraduates. We work with the full range of accredited post-secondary educational institutions. Schools do not have to be IIE member institutions and do not pay any fee to participate. IIE receives no commission to place students in any institution. ALL institutions are invited to review candidates through the program. IIE staff evaluates each candidate application and researches appropriate programs and majors for each student. We work with the student, the advisor/center/foundation until the student; advisor/center/foundation and IIE are satisfied and agree with the list of schools for submission. Most students we work with have limited finances at their disposal and, therefore, each application is submitted to several U.S. institutions to allow for more choice and opportunity.

Q. What if the student’s application is not successful?
A. IIE can make no guarantees on the success of a student’s application. However, the application will be carefully considered prior to submission. If we believe a particular student’s application will not be successful, original documents will be returned.

Q. What are the responsibilities of a Study America Undergraduate Program Partner?
A. As the advisor/center/foundation you would counsel the students and coordinate the submission of necessary documents to IIE. You would provide the students information on the TOEFL and SAT and help register them for these exams when necessary. You would evaluate their application and letters of recommendation for completeness, competitiveness and clarity of study objectives. Once the application is submitted IIE would copy you on all correspondence between our office and the candidate and request your support when necessary to clarify issues and resolve any problems.

If you are interested in collaborating with IIE for the Study America Undergraduate Program, please contact:

Study America Undergraduate Program
Tel: 212-984-5339

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