International Students

Q. What is the Study America Undergraduate Program?
A.  A service provided by the Institute of International Education to support bi-national centers, advisors, foundations and their prospective international undergraduate students in securing admission and financial assistance to study in the United States. For over 80 years IIE has matched highly qualified undergraduate candidates with scholarships at U.S. colleges and universities. 

Q. Who can apply?
A. Students currently in their final year of high school can apply to this Program. It is also available for first or second year college or university students who are interested to transfer to an American institution and complete their bachelor’s degree in the U.S.  

Q. Which colleges and universities accept students from this program?
A. IIE surveys all colleges and universities nationwide every year to determine what financial aid opportunities are offered and what the eligibility requirements are for international undergraduates. We work with the full range of accredited post-secondary educational institutions.  ALL institutions are invited to review candidates through the program. IIE staff evaluates each candidate application and researches appropriate programs and majors for each student. We work with the student, the advisor/center/foundation until the student; advisor/center/foundation and IIE are satisfied and agree with the list of schools for submission. Most students we work with have limited finances at their disposal and, therefore, each application is submitted to several U.S. institutions to allow for more choice and opportunity.

Q. What are the Program benefits?
A. IIE uses their “inside information” to match your application with schools where you will be most competitive. IIE presents your application after a careful review of your competitiveness for scholarships. Your application will be submitted to those participating institutions that have provided IIE with the scholarship eligibility requirements. Those requirements, your study objective and financial capability determine which of those institutions your application is submitted to.

Q. How can students apply?
A. IIE recommends that students contact the Study America Undergraduate Program Partner in the country from which they are applying.  If there are no Program Partners in your home country, please write to about your interest in the Program.

“When I first joined the Undergraduate Program through IIE I knew it would be the right decision to make. I thought it truly benefited me because I felt like I had help anytime I needed it. I felt comfortable to ask any questions or concerns that I had at any moment. It also benefited me because it allowed me to have a range of different schools I could choose from. For me, it was a program that was organized very well to aid students in any preoccupations they have and to show interest in trying to find the right fit for them. I'd like to thank IIE lastly in all their support.”
- Daniela Benzaquen, Peru

“I believe that IIE helped me a lot in my admission process, in the selection of schools and my major. I also liked the fact that they were able to answer any doubts or questions I had. Furthermore, they were always updated me, about all the paper work I had to present and the deadlines. Finally I really feel pleased and satisfied with IIE, without any doubt it benefited me.”
- Jacqueline Maldonado, Peru

“I honestly believe that the assistance that the program provided me has benefited me significantly. With the help of IIE I selected an excellent university, handled my applications with ease and obtained a great scholarship. The guidance I received from the program helped me maintain my focus and calm throughout the process. I am very grateful to you and everyone at IIE for enabling me to apply and get accepted at the University of Kansas.”
- Fadia Ticona Rollano, Bolivia

“I want to thank you for all your help and support. The college application is very stressful and I'm grateful I could count on your support during that time. Now, I'm very very happy and excited to go to BU!”
- Liv Huancaruna Lichtenfeld, Peru

“Please accept my sincere thanks for all the support you gave me in this program and for giving me the opportunity of achieving one of the most important goals in my life. I am sure that attending University of Arkansas will be a wonderful and worthy experience and I am very excited to start my undergraduate studies in this institution.
The Undergraduate Program through IIE allowed me to choose from a list of some highly ranked universities and gave me guidance within all the process of this program. It really benefited me because it guided me and kept me informed about all the things I needed to do and respond to the universities which I chose. I am very grateful for all the help I received from the IIE.”
- Wendy Soto, Peru

“Having been admitted in the University of Kansas to study Aerospace Engineering not only thrilled me, but it also gave me the opportunity to make my dreams come true. I always felt a great interest for the outer space and for the airplanes and spacecrafts. Every time I saw a movie or read a book related to space, I pictured myself working in the space field. Now I have the chance to do this; however, it wouldn't be possible without the unconditional support of my family and the coordinated efforts of the IIE, the Advising Center. I entered in the Undergraduate Program because I knew that studying in the USA was what would help me achieve my goals. I was aware that being admitted to an American university to study Aerospace Engineering was very difficult. Indeed, the major I chose is one of the most challenging ones. Nevertheless, this fact didn't frighten me. My family taught me that giving up is never an option. I am immensely thankful to my family, the Advising Center and IIE for everything they have done . I know, fomr my own experience, that the application process is not simple and it requires of a lot of effort and patience. However, the results are worth it. Studying Aerospace Engineering is the first step on my way of accomplishing my goals. I will always do my best in order to succeed as a professional
I strongly encourage people to apply  to universities in the United States through the programs of IIE. The people who work in these institutions will always do their best to help everybody.
If a person isn't quite sure about taking this opportunity of studying in the USA, I would tell that person: "What do you have to lose? This great opportunity will lead you to make your dreams come true."
- Alejandra Stefania Escalera Mendoza, Bolivia

“Thank you very much. I am really happy about being admitted! I am really grateful for your help through all this process. I think that this Undergraduate Program is an excellent tool to make the dream of an international student to go to college in the United States possible.  In my case I learned a lot about the types of universities and the process of admission. It is quite different from the way we go to college in my country. I appreciate the help IIE offered me through this process, because it is difficult to a student from another country to apply to the universities. Being my first time ever to apply to study in another country is a strange experience because I did not know anything about the application, except for the general information about the universities I was applying to. It is different to have the opportunity to visit universities and talk to students than just research on the college websites. It also makes me nervous when I don't receive news, or not sure if I have been accepted or not! But in the end when all the worries are gone I feel very happy. I really appreciate the help given because now I imagine how difficult it would be to go through all this process on my own. This process is very simple and is excellent for people that are miles away.”
- Melissa Camacho, Costa Rica

“I love the fact that MSU is such a large and varied university because there's something to do for everyone. I enjoy joining organizations and meeting new people. Since my freshman year I have been a review writer for Spartanedge, an online magazine; which allows me to go to Broadway performances for free! I'm also involved with NAHBS (Native American and Hispanic Business Students) as the communications chair for a sub-committee that's in charge of organizing the social activities that NAHBS hold for its members. Within my dorm I recently joined the hall government E-board as Event coordinator; we are currently planning the big event of the semester called "Spring Carnival" (we'll have inflatable, carnival games, karaoke and will be a lot of fun for students!). Finally, I try to do some volunteering whenever I can, whether it's through MSU's service learning, soup kitchens, etc. or a group called Speakers Bureau, in which I go to middle schools and give a presentation about Guatemala to the kids there. In conclusion, you can see here that I'm doing very well; the opportunities that your program has given me are endless and I'm really, very thankful.”
- Ana Sofia De Leon, Guatemala

“In 2008, I was placed at the University of Evansville through IIE's Study America Program. At the beginning, I thought that I wasn't going to get used to this new place, culture, people, etc. Luckily, all these ideas vanished when I met new people and started classes. I thought it couldn't get any better; but, last semester I got the opportunity to go study abroad to the UK. I went to Harlaxton College which is UE's Campus in England. This place was simply awesome! It looks like a big castle and it is located 40 min away from London by train. I would totally recommend everybody to think about these types of programs because, they give you the opportunity to travel and make new friends from different parts of the world.”
- Rodrigo Sierra Chavera, Peru

“Thank you for helping me to determine my college career, I couldn't have chosen any better. My 4 years at Hofstra have been amazing. I love my major more and more everyday. It's been a great experience and I'm very excited for the next step.”
- Adrian Saba, Peru

“Study America makes it so much easier to go through all the stages of bureaucratic work needed to come to the U.S. It was very difficult to start new, independent life in a foreign country, so far away from home. But I did it, and at the same time I learned how to take responsibility, how to make independent decisions, how to manage my time and my money without my parent’s help. I am very glad that with Study America I got an opportunity to discover a new life for myself.”
- Anna Zemliakova, Russia

I have no words for this, I am speechless!! Thank you so much I was not expecting this AT all!! I am very very happy. Thank you again for all your help and thank you so much for making all this happen! 
- Andres Ayesta, Venezuela

It was an honor to finally be able to thank you in person for the great experience I've had while under the IIE scholarship.
-Bruno Guaraná, Brazil


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