International Students

The Study America Undergraduate Program at the Institute of International Education (IIE) works with international students to navigate the admissions and scholarship award process for applying to university in the United States.

Why study in the United States?

  • A liberal arts education
  • Research opportunities and strong engineering programs
  • The ability to explore different areas of study
  • Become fluent in English
  • Participate in extracurricular activities and make new friends
  • Network and build your resume with international experience
  • Gain a global perspective
  • Become independent
  • Travel the USA!

Through Study America, IIE works with over 450 US institutions to place international undergraduate students. Study America has worked with students from around the world to apply to universities in all 50 states!

Map of Study America Network Institutions

Map of Study America Network Institutions

Please note that the Study America Undergraduate Program helps you to realize the wide variety of possibilities for undergraduate study in the United States. Students should keep an open mind about US universities. This program is not intended for students who only wish to attend one specific institution. IIE looks at your application and financial need in order to identify schools that are the best fit for you!

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