Areas of Collaboration

Areas of Collaboration

The consortium will focus on the following areas for collaborative activities:

  • Undergraduate Student Mobility: i.e. traditional one-to-one student exchange, hybrid exchange (various combinations of individuals being exchanged), summer programs, short-term study abroad, etc.
  • Graduate Study: i.e. joint research, use of lab facilities, mentor/mentee programs, dissertation writing support, etc.
  • Faculty Collaboration: i.e. joint research, joint paper writing, co-developing conferences, curriculum development, distance learning, etc.

Scholarly Areas of Proposed Collaboration

1)    Research-based Education and Community Service
2)    Creative industry
3)    Tropical Disease Research & Traditional Medicine
4)    Climate change
5)    Urban Studies
6)    Biotechnology & Nanotechnology
7)    Sustainable Development & Environment
8)    Arts, Religion, and Hospitality
9)    Democracy and Pluralism
10)  Entrepreneurship

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