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Available Fellowships

General applications to be a Democracy Fellow are accepted and processed on a continuing basis. IIE will notify eligible applicants of their acceptance into DFG’s general Fellows’ pool within one month of receiving the application. Accepted applications are considered active for approximately one calendar year. When a Fellowship is posted, IIE will review the applicant pool for candidates whose technical qualifications suit the position description. Individuals interested in Democracy Fellowships also are encouraged to join our mailing list to be notified of new fellowship positions as they are announced.

Criteria for acceptance include:

  • US citizenship or US permanent resident (provided there are no security restrictions). Specific short-term or part-time fellowships that do not require a security clearance will be filled by US citizens or US permanent residents.
  • Ability to receive a US national security clearance, as required.
  • PhD, JD, or Master's degree. A completed graduate degree is required.
  • Appropriate level of experience.
  • Applicants for full-time fellowships must not have worked inside USAID as a technical professional (Direct-Hire, Non-Direct Hire, PSC) for more than five years, cumulatively.
  • Applicants must not have worked as a fellow on any fellowship program within USAID for a combined total of four years, cumulatively.

Most Fellowships will be in Washington, although some short-term assignments may be completed remotely. DFG is not designed to provide Fellows an opportunity to pursue their own research, teaching, or other independent activities. Instead, the focus is on finding the most qualified applicants to meet the specific needs of the sponsoring USAID office. However, part-time Democracy Fellows may continue pursuing their own research and teaching priorities during the time they are not working for USAID.

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