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Grant: Social Movements

Understanding Social Movements


University of California, San Diego

Grant Title: Online and Offline Activism in the Arab Spring
Grant Period: July 2014 – February 2015
Principal Investigators:
James Fowler, Medical Genetics and Political Science, University of California, San Diego
Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld, Political Science, University of California, San Diego 
The University of California, San Diego will study how individual activists and civil society groups engaged, inspired, and organized their constituencies during the Arab Spring protests in the Middle East and North Africa. UCSD is examining how these activists and groups used social media tools and community organizing techniques, what tools and techniques were used and how effectively, and how the online and offline efforts did or did not intersect. UCSD will produce a case study on their research to support USAID’s DRG Center in learning how best to support formal and informal activists and groups working for democratic transition within fluid social movements.


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