USAID Democracy Fellows and Grants Program | About the Grants Program

The Grants Program

The Research and Innovation Grants (RIG) are a new component of USAID’s Democracy Fellows Program, added in the 2012 rebid and recognized in the program name change to DFG. Grants issued under the DFG program will integrate innovative, research-driven solutions within USAID policies and programs and strengthen relationships between USAID and academic institutions and experts working in the DRG fields.

IIE will manage three categories of grants under DFG:

  1. Grants designed to discover and elicit ideas, knowledge, and innovation within the academic and research worlds that can inform USAID programming and policy in broadly defined DRG areas, administered through an APS.
  2. Grants designed to engage academic expertise and learning to produce USAID research products, toolkits, or program models or to provide input to specific USAID policies or strategies, solicited through individual RFAs.
  3. Grants that establish long-term partnerships between the DRG Center and leading academic institutions to support the DRG Center’s strategy and program development systematically.

Applicants are encouraged to monitor this website for grant opportunities, to be posted soon. 

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