Program Components

Innovative tools for teaching and learning: This program will leverage education technology to provide better access to STEM education among girls in India. The program will work with teachers to integrate sound pedagogy, enriching content, user-friendly computer technology and a process-oriented approach to teaching

Coaching and leadership training: Program-supported remedial classes will be available free of charge for target students during summer/winter vacations. Leadership and life skill training will be given to selected girls to help inspire confidence and provide tools to help these girls succeed in preparing for exams, envisioning and successfully finding career paths

Mentoring: Participants will have quarterly interactions with successful women mentors from technology companies

Exposure visits for students and teachers: With the involvement of women mentors, students will get an opportunity to visit technology based company’s research and development centers, so they can envision themselves in various future roles in India’s high-tech work force

Workshops for teachers and parents: Trained facilitators and high achieving female role models from industry will work with parents and teachers to help them visualize a different future for the girls, including the value of post-secondary education, various scholarships, government sponsored programs, and career opportunities

Eligibility and Selection Process

This program is open to science stream students from ten target Girls High Schools in Hyderabad and Chennai. Participants will be selected based on submitted applications. Selection criteria will include parental and teacher’s consent, economic and academic need, desire to pursue STEM subjects in higher education and a strong desire to be the part of the program.

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