WeTech | Core Activities and Goals

Core Activities and Goals

Core Activities and Goals

In the first phase of WeTech will:

  • Develop innovative and hands-on afterschool programs for secondary school girls in the U.S. and India, connecting them with role models and mentors in the tech sector, as well as hard skills such as mobile app development.
  • Establish a network of women engineering students in India who will gain access to scholarships, internships and leadership development.
  • Build a mentoring platform that will create a virtual community, connecting leading women in technology with university women as they transition from their studies into the tech workforce.
  • Launch the WeTech Seed Fund for Women + Girls in Computer Science in Africa that will award 30-50 small grants to individual women or NGOs to support and expand ongoing events and trainings for women and girls to raise their access to training and information on computer science-related studies and jobs.

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