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Welcome to the Open Doors data portal. Here you will find Open Doors data tables for the current year, listed below. You can browse the data from the past decade of Open Doors by topic, using the expandable navigation menu in the box at the right of the page.

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Open Doors 2016 Data

International Students

Leading Places of Origin

All Places of Origin

Academic Level

Academic Level and Place of Origin

Enrollment Trends

New International Enrollment

Enrollment by Institutional Type

Fields of Study

Fields of Study by Place of Origin

Primary Source of Funding

Leading Institutions

Leading Institutions by Institutional Type

All Institutions

U.S. Study Abroad

Leading Destinations

All Destinations

Host Regions

Duration of Study Abroad

Fields of Study

Non-Credit Work, Internships, and
Volunteering Abroad

Student Profile

Leading Institutions by Study Abroad Total

Leading Institutions by Institutional Type

Leading Institutions by Duration
and Institutional Type

Leading Institutions by Undergraduate
Participation and Institutional Type

Students with Disabilities

All Institutions


About the Open Doors Report

The Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange is published by the Institute of International Education, the leading not-for-profit educational and cultural exchange organization in the United States. IIE has conducted an annual statistical survey of campuses regarding the international students in the United States since 1919, and with support from the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs since the early 1970s. The census is based on a survey of approximately 3,000 accredited U.S. institutions. Open Doors also conducts and reports on separate surveys on U.S. students studying abroad for academic credit (since 1985), and on international scholars at U.S. universities and international students enrolled in pre-academic Intensive English Programs.

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