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Global Education Research Reports

The Global Education Research Reports series is a joint effort of IIE and the AIFS Foundation to explore the most pressing and under-researched issues affecting international education policy today. The series will include eleven reports over six years with original research from IIE, as well as contributions by other experts in the field of international education, with funding from the AIFS Foundation.

Developing Strategic International Partnerships: Models for Initiating and Sustaining Innovative Institutional Linkages

In this book, the sixth in a series of Global Education Research Reports published by IIE and the AIFS Foundation, experts and practitioners from a wide range of higher education institutions and organizations capture the current dynamism and broadened scope of international academic partnerships. This book compiles a panorama of mutually beneficial partnership programs from across the globe, and features recommendations, models, and strategies for initiating, managing, and sustaining a range of international linkages. It also illustrates the myriad ways in which international partnerships enhance, and even transform, the institutions that participate in them, aiding in long-term goals of campus internationalization and preparing students for entry into the global workforce. More than anything, serves as an indispensable resource for institutions that wish to build or expand linkages with higher education institutions in other countries.

Who Goes Where and Why?: An Overview and Analysis of Global Educational Mobility

In this book, the fifth in a series of Global Education Research Reports published by IIE and the AIFS Foundation, Caroline Macready and Clive Tucker describe and analyze current information on how and why students choose their study abroad destinations, and the ways in which national policies in a variety of host and sending countries impact students' decisions. This report also provides a thorough analysis of the Exchange Visitor Program in the United States, using statistics provided to the authors by the U.S. Department of State. Overall, this report offers a comprehensive overview of the complexity of student mobility worldwide.

Innovation through Education: Building the Middle East Knowledge Economy

In this book, the fourth in a series of Global Education Research Reports published by the AIFS Foundation and IIE, contributing authors explore the various areas of potential growth for universities and higher education institutions in the Middle East region. Scholars from a wide range of institutions and organizations set out to describe and understand current innovations, trends, and issues faced in the Middle East, as they take the steps toward educational reform and development. Through broad thematic discussions, examples of current trends and practices, and national case studies, this report offers a contemporary and erudite examination of current innovative practices in the Middle East.

U.S.-China Educational Exchange: Perspectives on a Growing Partnership

This book includes essays by American and Chinese experts from government and academia and examines key issues in U.S.-China exchange from multiple perspectives, with the goal of strengthening these relationships by highlighting exchange models and best practices, as well as challenges and opportunities for future growth. Offering a wide overview and analysis, the report includes chapters on exchange of teachers and students at secondary schools, exchange programs for advanced scholars, government sponsored programs in the U.S. and China, and case studies on successful university linkage initiatives.

Higher Education on the Move: New Developments in Global Mobility

This book explores the effects of recent developments in higher education, the world economy, and government policy on global student and scholar mobility. Authors ask how these processes affect the most commonly discussed aspect of international education—the movement of students and scholars across national borders.

International India: A Turning Point in Educational Exchange with the U.S.

This book is the only comprehensive volume in recent years to focus on U.S.-India higher education exchanges at a crucial juncture in this important relationship. In this report, Indian and American authors address wide-ranging topics including the process of internationalization and higher education policy debates within India, U.S. government and institutional strategies to improve Indo-U.S. higher education linkages, the growing study abroad relationship between the two countries, and the relationship between higher education, entrepreneurship and the success of the Indian diaspora in the U.S.

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