The Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) is the primary organization responsible for data collection of international study abroad/non-award credit mobility to and from Finland. Statistics Finland is responsible for reporting inbound international degree/qualification students in Finnish institutions, while the Social Insurance Institution (SII) provides data for Finnish degree students abroad. Data is collected annually at various times of the year, depending on the institution.

Source: Centre for International Mobility (CIMO)

Do international students of higher education stay in Finland after graduation?
November 2012
This issue of Facts Express publication takes a look at statistics from Statistics Finland to see what happens to international students once they graduate and to what extend they remain in Finland.

Download the report from CIMO

Faktaa - Facts and Figures 1b/2012: Internationality as part of higher education studies
September 2012
This publication presents the key findings of a survey by CIMO on how to support the internationalization of students in higher education and how to infuse an international dimension into the degree programmes.

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