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In 2010, China remained the leading sending place of origin for the ninth year in a row. Over sixty percent of international students studying in New Zealand in 2010 were from Asia.

Fast Facts: New Zealand

  • There were over 45,000 international fee-paying students enrolled with public and private education providers in New Zealand in 2010.
  • The top five places of origin in 2010 were China, India, South Korea, U.S., and Malaysia.  
  • The Code of Practice for the Postoral Care of International Students is a nation-level policy that higher education institutions and other education providers are required to adhere to.

Source: New Zealand Ministry of Education

Places of Origin of International Students in New Zealand, 2010

Top 10 places of origin of International Students for New Zealand for 2010 

Source: New Zealand Ministry of Education

Note: These data include "fee-paying" students for calender year 2010.


Private Higher Education Institution in New Zealand: A private education provider which offers quality-assured education and/or training services to adult students (both domestic and international), and which receives government funding for its domestic students

International Student in New Zealand: International students are non-New Zealand students who are required to pay international fees for their study or who have specific fees exemptions set in regulations.

Student from New Zealand studying internationally: New Zealand students enrolled with overseas public higher education institutions 

Data from the New Zealand Ministry of Education include students from vocation and technical post-secondary institutions.

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