Methodology & Sources

This country distributes its new data through Open Doors.

Three organizations oversee international student data collection in the United States. They are:

No governmental agency is responsible for setting any given policy relating to IIE data collection, although IIE receives support from the U.S. Department of State for data collection and dissemination.

Regionally accredited institutions of higher education (including two-year colleges) provide student data through annual surveys conducted by IIE. Data have been collected from 1919 and published in Open Doors since 1954. An international student is defined as an individual on a temporary visa who is enrolled for courses in the U.S., and is not an immigrant, permanent resident, citizen, resident alien ("Green Card" holder) or refugee. Specific data are collected on: academic degree and non-degree granting programs; other types of programs including vocational, academia, secondary, etc.; gender; academic level; type of host institution attended; field of study; sources of student financial support; and visa status.

The primary users of this data include policymakers, academia, government, and media inside and outside the U.S. The data are disseminated via the Open Doors Report on International Exchange publication, and Open Doors website.

Some challenges arise in regards to IIE's student data collection. Some schools, for example, are not always consistent in their counts or in completing the survey properly. In addition, there are at times pressures from the international educational community to set or confirm a particular agenda when reporting the data.

Source: Institute of International Education (IIE)

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