IIE's Services to Sponsors

Services to Sponsors

IIE has an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality customer service to our program sponsors and the students, educators and other professionals who take part in the scholarships and fellowships we administer.

Program Design

To establish a scholarship or grant program, IIE works closely with the sponsor to develop guidelines, regulations, and procedures based upon international best practices. IIE designs application materials to capture relevant information from candidates as efficiently as possible. IIE also designs skill development programs to help students reach eligibility requirements.

Outreach and Recruitment

IIE leverages innovative technologies and worldwide networks to publicize scholarship opportunities and find global talent. IIE works with on-the-ground staff around the world to find the best candidates from local communities. IIE also utilizes its extensive networks with relevant international and national institutions, such as ministries of education, embassies, and other exchange organizations, to publicize opportunities and personally reach out to prospective grantees and their families.

Screening and Selection 

As an outside, independent, neutral party, IIE is well-known for implementing scholarship screening and selection processes that are fair, open, and transparent. To select scholarship recipients, IIE performs technical reviews of applications and organizes selection panels according to established criteria and international best practices.


IIE has unparalleled expertise in placing students and scholars in U.S. and international institutions of higher education. IIE placement services are dedicated to matching each individual with the best possible academic program. With a placement staff of more than 50 full-time employees, IIE handles the full range of academic disciplines, has extensive admissions and academic connections, and is able to advise sponsors and participants of the latest trends.

Fiscal Management

Managing more than 200 different programs, IIE prides itself on effective fiscal management developed around each individual sponsor’s needs. Over the period of a grant, IIE can develop and execute all grantee contract documents. IIE can also implement a payment schedule for the disbursal of funds in a manner that will best serve the needs of the sponsor and its grantees, comply with applicable international regulations, and reflect international best practices in setting living stipends and other program elements.

Monitoring and Support

Once students are enrolled in academic institutions, IIE monitors their progress to help ensure their continued success and safety throughout the duration of their academic programs. Through its network of international offices, IIE provides student support on a 24-hour basis, including assistance in a crisis or emergency. IIE offices provide a comprehensive network of monitoring and support services, including academic counseling; health insurance enrollment and processing; travel coordination; and tax services for international students through IIE GRANTAX® division.

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