Giving Teachers a World View

Giving Teachers a World View

Professional study tours help teachers bring an awareness of world cultures and global and environmental issues to their classrooms and students. Teachers travel overseas to learn about other cultures, interact with peers from host countries and build links with host institutions in order to deepen their students' knowledge of the world.

A few of the programs that IIE manages in this area are highlighted below.

Toyota International Teachers Program

Toyota International Teacher Program

The Toyota International Teacher Program, sponsored by Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., brought 24 U.S. secondary school teachers to the Galapagos Islands and 26 teachers to Costa Rica to study environmental conservation and sustainability. Upon returning home, they engaged their students in developing solutions to local and global environmental problems and developed interdisciplinary curricula.

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Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

The Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is sponsored by Fulbright Japan and funded by the U.S. and Japanese governments. In 2010, ESD brought 47 Japanese teachers to the U.S., 48 U.S. teachers to Japan, and gathered all 95 participants for joint conferences in both countries. Teachers learned about their host country's culture and educational system.

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    Program Spotlight
    • Fulbright Japan

      U.S. teachers and administrators travel to Japan to learn about and strengthen ESD efforts and curricula in both countries.

    • Toyota International Teacher Program logo

      Opportunity for U.S. teachers to advance environmental and global awareness in their schools and communities.


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