Thursday, 21st May 2015, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Hyatt Regency Trinidad
Registration Fee: $150 TT per person

The Institute of International Education, in partnership with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors is pleased to announce the convening of the 2015 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar - Strategic Fundraising at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad on Thursday, 21st May.

Funded by the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust, this one-day Strategic Fundraising Seminar will be an intensive learning experience for NGO, CBO and civil society professionals in Trinidad and Tobago. The 2015 Seminar also will include a luncheon to honor the winner of the 2015 JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Seminar registration fee is $150 TT per person and includes seminar workshop sessions, coffee breaks and entry to the JB Fernandes Award for NGO Excellence luncheon and award ceremony. Registration is by organization and there’s a limit of ONE representative per organization. THERE WILL BE NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION. You must register in advance for the Seminar by 5th MAY 2015 and payment must be received by 8th MAY 2015. Register online for the 2015 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar today.

2015 Seminar Online Registration

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Seminar Workshop Sessions

The 2015 Strategic Fundraising Seminar is designed to be a hands-on learning experience for NGOs. Moving away from the traditional PowerPoint presentation sessions, attendees should be prepared to work through the day to develop Strategic Fundraising plans for their organisations.

Three seminar tracks - featuring two concurrent workshop sessions - will be offered that build on material covered in the previous session.

  • Workshop Track #1: Budget Development
  • Workshop Track #2: Identifying Fundraising Tools
  • Workshop Track #3: Fundraising Communications

This year’s Seminar registration includes a placement quiz to learn more about your NGO and assess its current fundraising situation, practices and needs. Seminar organizers and trainers will use the quiz results to help identify the most appropriate workshop sessions for each organizational attendee. Registered organizations will be notified via an email from about their placement in specific workshop sessions by 15th May 2015.

Workshop Track #1: Budget Development

Session A

“Budgeting for the Big Bucks: Budget Development Strategies to Thrive Not Just Survive”

Target Audience: NGO Representatives who are working towards or are interested in the development of a comprehensive, organizational budget or financial plan for their organizations.

What You Will Learn

  1. Recognize a forward thinking budget and financial plan (thriving) versus a short-term project budget/cash flow approach (surviving)
  2. Set attainable and sustainable financial goals
  3. Develop/sketch a working one-to-two-year budget, using their goals as a guide

Session B

“From Good to Great: Maximising Your Operating Budget and Your Community Impact”

Target Audience: NGO Representatives who manage their organizations’ existing budgets and financial plans and would like to tweak their organisational budgets for maximum growth and impact. People seeking guidance in matching their organisational goals to their budgets and financial plans.

What You Will Learn

  1. Budget more effectively and efficiently
  2. Set achievable budgetary goals that are tied to long-term organisational goals
  3. Modify existing, working budgets; transforming them into goal-centred three-to-five-year budgets

Workshop Track #2: Identifying Fundraising Tools

Session A

“Dream Big: Leveraging Tools and Your Network to Gain Financial Ground”

Target Audience: NGO representatives who aspire to lead their organisations’ fundraising efforts going forward. Organisations that are striving, but struggling to develop successful fundraising initiatives. Have an interest in learning the basics—the who, what, where, why and how—of choosing the best fundraising methods suited to their organisations.

What You Will Learn

  1. Assess your organisation’s internal fundraising capacity and identify gaps; define board and staff roles in the process
  2. Partner with other NGOs to develop joint fundraising initiatives and/or strategies that are mutually beneficial
  3. Tap into corporate support and training programmes
  4. Seek out opportunities for skill-sharing and fiscal sponsorship
  5. Effectively implement low-cost, potentially high-impact fundraising tools and strategies

Session B

“Shaking Things Up: Adapting to the New Fundraising Climate”

Target Audience: NGO representatives who generally lead fundraising efforts at their organisations. Have previously developed and successfully managed a long or short-term on-going fundraising campaign. Are interested in actively reassessing and retooling the methods that they use to attract funding to their organisations.

What You Will Learn

  1. Maximise board and staff participation in fundraising efforts
  2. Diversify the tools and strategies they use to garner funding
  3. Identify their wider organisational networks and related opportunities for funding
  4. Create unique opportunities to generate income
  5. Tweak tried and tested fundraising methods for greater impact

Workshop Track #3: Fundraising Communications

“The Art of Wooing and Winning Stakeholders to Grow Your Organization’s Impact”

Session A

Target Audience: NGO representatives who are working to secure a solid base of consistent funders and potential funders for their organisations. People who are interested in developing long-term relationships with funding agencies, corporate donors and influencers.

What You Will Learn

  1. Confidently approach and engage potential funders, influencers and connectors for support through a step-by-step process.
  2. Craft, package and share organizational stories to acquire resources for their organisations.
  3. Maintain working and mutually beneficial relationships with supporters

Session B

“Relationship and Rapport Maintenance: Innovative Ways to Engage and Grow Your Base”

What You Will Learn

  1. Turn existing supporters into advocates and ambassadors for their organisation
  2. Maintain working and mutually beneficial relationships with funding agencies/grantors their organisation has received support from in the past
  3. Adjust/tweak their organisational narrative to appeal to potential supporters outside of their core group
  4. Develop a system to set relationship-building targets and to track progress

You can also access our online Registration Form to register for the 2015 T&T NGO Professionals Seminar.

Event Disclaimer – Recording

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