Nigel Wall

Growing Pains:

Strategies That Help Prepare Your Organization for Growth and Sustainability

Growing Pains SessionWhether your organization is small and new on the block or large and well established, you need to ensure the sustainability, growth and future survival of your organization. This means making sure you have systems in place that not only strengthen your programs, but your organization’s structure. Having a strategic plan for your organization’s development will make you more attractive to funders, and ultimately allow for sustainability, and stave off stagnation. Join us for this session where you will learn about the life cycle of organizations, where your organization fits in that cycle, and critical steps and best practices for strategic planning.


Facilitator: Kim Patton, Foundation Center (Mature) 
Facilitator: Ruthann Ramcharan, Veni Apwann (Grassroots) 
Facilitator: Nigel Wall (Intermediate)

Non Profit Organisational Lifecycles Chart (176 KB ,PDF) 
Watch Video: Organisational Life Cycles - Kim Patton from the Foundation Centre 

Coming Soon: 
Watch Video: Introductions by the NGOs  
Watch Video: Organisational Development (Mature Orgs)

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