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Welcome to the T&T NGO Professionals Conference Press Room. From here you can view conference statements, press releases, interviews with NGOs, and much more.

Media Resources

CameraCheck here for statements and press releases regarding past T&T NGO Professionals events.

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Conference Blog

CameraRead our Blog to read about topics of interest to NGOs in Trinidad and Tobago. Pick up skills on creating a web presence and find resources to assist your organization.

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Social Media

CameraStay connected with T&T NGO Professionals events through various social networking sites. Staying connected with us is a great way for you to receive updates about the conference, tips for running your own organization, and so much more!

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CameraStay on top of issues related to NGOs in Trinidad and Tobago through interviews with its key stakeholders.

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CameraTake a look at pictures from T&T NGO Professionals Events.

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