International education may be the best investment possible in making the world a less dangerous place. The outstanding individuals who take part in programs managed by the Institute are teaching students, treating patients, building businesses, and contributing to economic growth and stronger diplomatic relations across the world we share.

The programs we manage—our own initiatives such as the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund and the Emergency Student Fund, as well as those we administer for sponsors, such as the Fulbright Program, the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program and the Carnegie African Diaspora Program—are flexible and dynamic. The students and professionals who take part in them are working and studying in timely and topical fields. The knowledge they gain and the relationships they form enable them to address pressing global needs in the United States and in priority areas around the world.

The Institute’s Generation Study Abroad initiative has begun to have real impact as well. In the first year, more than 450 partners have joined Generation Study Abroad with a bold shared vision that we can double the number of U.S. students studying abroad by the end of the decade. Together with partner campuses, organizations and governments, we are working to make sure this happens and to make study abroad opportunities available to students with more diverse backgrounds. Study abroad may prove to be the single most important ingredient to future success that we can give our students while they are in higher education, preparing them to thrive in an intercultural workforce and global marketplace.

IIE was established in the aftermath of World War I by Nobel Peace Prize winners Nicholas Murray Butler and Elihu Root and Professor Stephen Duggan, who believed that we could not achieve lasting peace without greater understanding between nations—and that international educational exchange formed the strongest basis for fostering such understanding. While much progress has been made, war and other violent conflicts continue in many places. 

This only convinces us that our work is more necessary than ever. By empowering people with knowledge and giving them the opportunity to study and conduct research outside of their cultures and comfort zones—as well as saving the lives of scholars who are caught in the crossfire of conflicts—we can contribute every day to making the world safer for all.

We are privileged to work with a truly global and collaborative team that draws on the diverse experience of all our members in delivering value and solutions to the governments, universities, foundations, corporations, and philanthropic individuals that seek our help and services. We are pleased to report that Charity Navigator has given the Institute a 4-star rating for the seventh year in a row. Less than 2% of U.S. not-for-profits achieve this distinction. We invite you to learn more about our work by exploring this year's Annual Report.

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Thomas S. Johnson
Chairman of the IIE Board of Trustees

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Allan E. Goodman
IIE President and CEO

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