2008 Heiskell Award Winner: Internationalizing the Campus

St. Louis Community College Forest Park

Global Education Committee

Nomination submitted by: Jaime Torres, Director of the Office of International Education

Program Overview
When the St. Louis Community College (SLCC), a two-year institution in Missouri, announced its decision to make global education a priority, the Forest Park campus took the lead and created a way to make it happen. Forest Park is SLCC’s urban campus, in the heart of St. Louis, with a student population that is 46% African American. To implement a plan to meet the needs of this diverse community, Forest Park convened a Global Education Committee, consisting of more than 35 campus administrators, district administrators, faculty, and staff, which now works throughout the year to implement the school’s comprehensive internationalization plan. The Committee reports directly to President Morris F. Johnson, who names global education “one of SLCC-FP’s three campus goals.”

Key to the Committee’s success is its partnerships with Washington University, St. Louis University, and community organizations, as well as an active collaboration with the Missouri Consortium for Global Education. These partnerships have resulted in a range of opportunities—both academic and co-curricular—for SLCC-FP students including a global curriculum, foreign language classes in 8 different languages, International Education Week activities, and study abroad programs and funding. The Global Education Committee is currently focusing on building SLCC-FP’s Chinese studies program, expanding course offerings and increasing enrollment in Chinese language courses.

“Our institution is committed to global education, and considers infusing students with global awareness and competencies to be a key component of the College’s mission to expand minds and change lives,” says John W Ganio, Vice Chancellor for Education. This model program approaches internationalization organically, tapping both institutional and community resources, to devise well-thought out and comprehensive ways to remove barriers to internationalization at this diverse, urban, two-year institution.

Program Implementation
Read the winning nomination, including details on how the program achieves its objectives

Selection Panel Members 2008

The members of the selection panel for this year’s awards include the following leaders in international education:

Stephen Dunnett
Vice Provost for International Education, State University of New York at Buffalo

Uliana Gabara
President, Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) and Dean of International Education, University of Richmond

Ulrich Grothus
Director, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) New York

Brian Whalen
President, The Forum on Education Abroad