2003 Heiskell Award Honorable Mention: Faculty Programs

University of Richmond

Faculty Seminar Abroad

The University of Richmond was the Honorable Mention for the Heiskell Award for Faculty Programs in 2002 and 2003.

Nomination submitted by: Uliana F. Gabara, Dean of International Education

Program Mission
Each year, an interdisciplinary, inter-school group of eight to twelve faculty members studies a selected country/region during the spring semester and then spends three weeks on site, meeting with academic counterparts, business and political leaders, journalists and people on the street. Outcomes of the seminar include new and revised courses, new directions and contacts for research and teaching, strengthening of existing and creation of new cooperative agreements with universities abroad, and the creation of an interdisciplinary intellectual culture on campus. To date, 36% of all faculty members have participated in the seminar.

Selection Panel Members 2003

The members of the selection panel for this year’s awards include the following leaders in international education:

Britta Baron
Director, German Academic Exchange Service

Madeleine F. Green
VP, American Council on Education and Director, Center for Institutional and International Initiatives

Karlheinz Muhr
Chairman and CEO, Volaris Advisors

Diane J. Paton
Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Institute of International Education