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Goals and Impact

IIE strives for global reach, excellence, and diversity in all of its programs and operations.

Measuring Program Impact and Results

IIE is committed to measuring the impact and outcomes of our programs at the individual, institutional and environmental levels. The examples on this page include programs supported by the U.S. Department of State, USAID, the Government of Brazil, Cargill, and a combination of public and private funds. They illustrate our strategy of continuously evaluating both the benefits that program activities provide to participants and the objectives that the programs are designed to achieve. To measure these outcomes, IIE engages in a number of qualitative and quantitative methods of program evaluation, including surveys, comparative case studies, interviews, focus groups and observations.

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Our goals for 2015

  • Goal 1: Expand student and scholar mobility and the number of individuals worldwide who participate in international education.  
  • Goal 2: Serve as the leading resource to develop new international education programs.  Expand our work with governments, foundations, universities, and corporations worldwide to connect talented individuals with opportunities for education, training and internships.
  • Goal 3: Provide continued excellence and innovation to the administration of exchange and training programs.
  • Goal 4: Develop and scale up new and innovative IIE products, services, and initiatives that advance our core mission as it relates to: 1) study abroad, 2) supporting higher education in crisis, 3) empowering women and girls.
  • Goal 5: Measure program results and individual growth related to professional skills, cross-cultural understanding and leadership and take action to increase impact. 
  • Goal 6: Support our team members so that they can have a productive and rewarding career at the Institute, while growing personally and professionally.

How we did on our goals for 2014:

Goal: Expand student and scholar mobility and the number of individuals worldwide who participate in international education.

  • Over 35,000 participants from more than 185 countries participated in more than 200 sponsored IIE programs. 
  • IIE placed 13,161 participants from 126 countries into undergraduate and graduate programs of study in the U.S. A large majority of non-U.S. participants came from Brazil, followed by Pakistan, Indonesia, China and Saudi Arabia. 
  • 5,386 participants studied abroad from the United States through IIE administered programs . The most popular international destinations were India, Brazil, China and Germany 
  • Our grantee population spans the life cycle; IIE programs reach participants age 12 to 87 
  • Fifty four percent of IIE program participants are male and 46% are female. Many IIE-managed programs have women as more than half of their participant population, including the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistance (70%), Fulbright U.S. Student (66%), GE Star Awards (64%) and Chevron Reach (59%).
  • IIE provided support to 111 U.S. and 1261 international teachers through its programs. 1/3 of IIE program participants in language teaching programs were from the U.S 
  • Four of our programs provide two-way international exchange programs providing opportunities to both U.S. and international teachers. These include the Fulbright Classroom Teacher Exchange, Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching, Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program  and Toyota Education Initiatives in STEAM Innovation

Goal: Develop new opportunities and IIE Initiatives that advance our core mission, strengthen the IIE brand, and respond to global academic challenges.

Generation Study Abroad

  • IIE officially launched Generation Study Abroad TM, a five-year initiative that brings leaders in education, business and governments together to double the number of U.S. college students studying abroad. Over 449 U.S. colleges and international higher education institutions, associations and governments have committee to Generation Study Abroad TM goal.
  • As part of Generation Study Abroad, IIE presented IIE Passport Awards for Study Abroad to thirteen students who attend high schools in Chicago, Denver, Houston, New York and Washington DC. The Institute established these awards to encourage students from inner city high schools to enroll in college and make plans to study abroad.
  • A Student Guide to Study Abroad, published by IIE and the American Institute for Foreign Study Foundation, arms students with the critical information needed to make decisions about studying abroad.  Highlighting the impact of globalization, international careers experts make a compelling case for why global experience matters in today’s job market.

Scholar Rescue Fund/Emergency Student Fund

  • The IIE Syria Consortium expanded in 2014.  Thanks to new partners and funding, the Consortium mobilized and coordinated over $6 million in assistance and educational opportunities this year for Syrian students and scholars whose lives and academic work have been threatened due to the conflict.
  • IIE launched a new Emergency Student Fund (ESF) to assist Filipino students with urgent financial needs due to typhoon Haiyan continue studies in the U.S.
  • The Janet Hennessey Dilenschneider Scholar Rescue Award in the Arts was announced to provide life-saving fellowships to 10 threatened scholars in fields such as painting, dance, music, architecture, and the performing arts. This was the first-ever award to rescue scholars in the arts from parts of the world where they are oppressed and denied freedom of expression.

Open Doors

Goal: Provide continued excellence and innovation to the administration of exchange and training programs supported by the U.S. Government.

  • The U.S. Department of State and the National Geographic Society announced five young professionals selected as the first Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellows. This new component of the Fulbright Program provides a unique platform for U.S. Fulbright awardees to build awareness of transnational challenges, comparing and contrasting cross-border issues.
  • The Global Innovation Initiative made grants to 23 partnerships in the first round of funding, a joint program of the U.S. and UK governments bringing research teams from across the world together to tackle some of the biggest global challenges in sustainable energy, urban development, food security and health. IIE administers the program in the U.S. on behalf of the U.S. Department of State and the British Council administers the program in the UK.

Goal: Expand our work with governments, foundations, and corporations worldwide to connect talented individuals with opportunities for higher education, training and internships.

New Programs

  • IIE is partnering with the Schwarzman Scholars, to develop and implement an international scholarship modeled on the Rhodes Scholarship in China. Schwarzman Scholars was founded in 2013 with a very specific global mission to educate future world leaders about China and in so doing, contribute to stronger, more stable relations between nations.
  • IIE and Carnegie Corporation of New York launched the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program that will bring 100 African-born scholars currently based in the United States and Canada together with host universities in Africa to collaborate on teaching, curriculum, research, and graduate training and mentoring over the next two years.
  • Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced plans to launch a second stage of the Ciência sem Fronteiras Scholarship program (known in the United States as the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program). IIE president Allan E. Goodman traveled to Brazil to attend the ceremony and meet with the Brazilian Government about the program, which IIE administers in the United States
  • ConocoPhillips China (COPC) and IIE launched the 2013 China Environmental Stewardship (CES) Awards to provide financial assistance to promising graduate students and their academic advisors at Chinese universities for study, research and training in the fields of environmental protection, risk management and sustainable development.
  • IIE has been selected to manage the recruitment and review of fellowship applications for the Confucius China Studies Program.  Graduate students enrolled in U.S. universities are chosen to conduct doctoral research at one of 15 prestigious universities in China.
  • IIE launched a groundbreaking 10-year, longitudinal study designed to explore and analyze the impact of the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program® (IFP) on its more than 4,300 alumni from 22 countries.

Programs for Women and Girls

  • The Verizon Foundation., in partnership with IIE, launched a program to increase access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM education among Indian girls at the secondary school level. The program provides talented female students and their teachers with innovative tools for teaching and learning about science and mathematics.
  • IIE formally launched the Women Enhancing Technology (WeTechTM) program in India. WeTech is a program helping more women and girls enter into, and succeed in, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education and careers. WeTech trains women and girls across Africa, India and the United States, in developing the skills needed to fuel technological and economic growth.
  • 78 women from 15 countries and the Palestinian Territories  were chosen for TechWomen—a program that uses technology as a means to empower emerging women leaders from the Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. TechWomen supports the United States Government’s global commitment to advancing the rights and participation of women and girls around the world.
  • 24 Tunisian women entrepreneurs received the first ever Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability (WES) Business Awards.  The winners are aspiring and emerging women entrepreneurs who have benefited from training at eight Entrepreneurship Centers across Tunisia. 

Goal: Support our staff so that they can have a productive and rewarding career at the Institute, while growing personally and professionally; and expand the development and training opportunities available through IIE’s Leadership Academy.

  • IIE designed the 2014 Innovation Lab to engage Team Members in the development of new programs and business ideas. Eight individuals with diverse skills and experience were chosen and have participated in various workshops and training exercises to better understand IIE’s global capabilities, learn new business development skills, and shape potential new programs.
  • IIE continued the expansion of its “Grow with IIE” competency rollout.  All Team Members across IIE worldwide were trained in the basic core competencies of the model, led by trainers chosen from IIE staff.       

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