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State Department Relaxes Visa Mantis Policy - Improves Process for Foreign Students

The Visa Mantis policy change was announced on February 11, 2005, through a joint statement by the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security. This change extends the validity of the Visa Mantis clearance (which screens candidates to protect against illegal technology transfer) for the entire length of F students' study period (up to four years) and extends validity for exchange visitors and researchers for up to two years.

Formerly, students and scholars had to undergo a new Visas Mantis clearance review each time they renewed their visa, sometimes after even a short visit home or attendance at an overseas conference, if the original visa was for single entry.

The often lengthy Visas Mantis clearance process (involving inter-agency review in Washington, after the Embassy approves the basic visa application) has also been expedited, now averaging just 14 days, according to the State Department.

An New York Times editorial published on February 15, 2005, entitled "Sanity on Visas for Students" commends the State Department for streamlining the student visa process and for the change in the Visa Mantis clearance process, which the Times calls the "capstone" of the recent progress.

Below you can find various newspaper articles and editorials related to the recent policy changes.

You will find links to the official Department of State announcement of the new Visa Mantis policy. We applaud the State Department for making these changes, and the efforts of all in the international education community, including IIE staff and Trustees, who worked to encourage the changes. The entire community (and all future science and technology students and scholars) will benefit from these policies.

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Official Announcement

See the joint release from the US Department of State and Department of Homeland Security which provides more details.


2004 GAO Report on Border Security

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