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Host a Threatened Scholar at Your Institution

The IIE Scholar Rescue Fund® (SRF) is seeking academic positions for 14 scholars from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gaza, Iraq, Rwanda, and Uzbekistan at institutions where they may continue their research and teaching in safety.

The Scholar Rescue Fund provides 1- to 2-year, matching-grant awards to academic institutions willing to host scholars facing threats to their lives and careers in their home countries.  These visits are intended to allow the scholars to continue their important work pending improvement in conditions that would permit their safe return home.

For the Following scholars SRF seeks urgent placement and matching support (minimum of $20,000) for:

  • A political scientist from the D.R. Congo researching armed rebel groups
  • A mathematician with expertise in quantum physics from Gaza
  • A Rwandan scientist with expertise in soil erosion and water conservation
  • A professor of music composition from Uzbekistan

Scholars from Iraq in the following fields require a minimum $10,000 host contribution:

  • Four (4) physical scientists with expertise in: material physics, industrial engineering, physics, and geology
  • Three (3) agricultural specialists focusing on: soil science, animal husbandry, and entomology
  • Three (3) `medical scientists specializing in: pediatrics, surgery, and veterinary medicine

For more information about these scholars and the hosting process, please contact:

Jean-Claude LeBec, SRF Program Officer
Tel: +1 212-205-6496 


SRF General Line
Tel: +1 212-205-6846

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