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IIE President Allan Goodman and Scholar Rescue Fund Board Member Fred Tarter Appear on The Jim Bohannon Show

WASHINGTON, DC, July 22, 2010—Institute of International Education President and CEO Allan Goodman and Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) Board Member Fred Tarter appeared as guests on The Jim Bohannon Show to discuss the work of the Scholar Rescue Fund. The mission of SRF is to rescue threatened scholars and, by protecting their lives and work, increase their country's and the world's level of knowledge.

During the program, host Jim Bohannon interviewed Dr. Goodman and Mr. Tarter, who is also President and Chairman of the Lakeside Group of Companies, about the role scholars and the transfer of knowledge play in society and development, where scholars in the world are being threatened today, and SRF's history and current activities.

"We're about providing safe haven, making it possible for them to continue their research, continue their teaching in a place where they'll be safe,” explained Dr. Goodman.

SRF provides fellowships to support temporary visits by threatened scholars to institutions in any safe country, anywhere in the world. The current effort includes building a 50 million dollar endowment for the Fund--an endowment that will provide a secure source of support, readily available in times of persecuted scholars' urgent need. Major gifts to the Fund include 10 million dollars from economist and philanthropist Dr. Henry Kaufman as well an inaugural 1.2 million dollar grant from the Ford Foundation.

"Since 2002 we've placed SRF fellows in Australia, the Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, and obvious countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom," said Mr. Tarter. "But we've also placed scholars in South Africa, Syria, and Norway. The scholarship – that is represented by the college professors, university professors, the research they do – is so terribly important and they are really welcomed at the host universities. It gives the students at those universities the opportunity to look through and look into a window that they might not normally be exposed to."

The Jim Bohannon Show, with Jim talking to newsmakers about a spectrum of topics ranging from current events and politics to entertainment and culture, is broadcast daily through Westwood One’s network of thousands of radio stations across the United States.

The Scholar Rescue Fund segment of The Jim Bohannon Show can be heard online beginning at 40:24.

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